Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Thursdays on the Bench

(Cathy)Hi all, I was just sitting here remembering some of the kooky things we ladies did years ago. I remember one summer, it must have been a 'Ladies night' where we got together for an evening without kids or husbands and just talked, ate and laughed. This one particular night I think Sunshine didn't attend, or maybe she left early. Well, for reasons lost to me now, Carolin, Louise and I at about 1 or 2 am were outside of Sunshine's bedroom window throwing stones against the window to get her attention! It worked and downstairs she came and opened her door for us. We all stood in her front entrance, we clothed and Sunshine in her nightgown and we had the wackiest conversation ever! Let's just say that it was probably that night and that conversation which sealed our friendship. It was 'extremely' personal! Let's just say we spoke about climbing mountains and leave it at that. I remember laughing so hard and we must have stood there, crowded in the front entrance for another hour or so. (Sunshine) I do remember that night and all of you crazy women. I left at about 12:30am and wanted to get home because Mr. Sunshine was going out of town for two weeks. Thank goodness he doesn't have to do that extended leave much these days (knock on wood). You crazy girls woke me up and were talking about all sorts of things. Well readers, they were talking about our first times and how to get an orgasm and all of that fun stuff. They had already revealed their dirty little secrets to each other and now they were after mine. We laughed and probably shed many tears of laughter and let's just say that that particular evening changed Cathy's life forever. She really was intent on climbing her very own mountain after that. Since then Cathy has become an expert mountain climber. OMG!!! Way too much information!!! I cannot stop blushing! (Carolin) Hello??? you brought up the subject Cathy. What I want to know is does anyone see the irony of this blog? Just a few days ago Cathy is talking about not being able to remember and now she is on a memory moment. She probably remembers this night so well cause it was all about SEX!!!!! Also I can assure you all that Cathy is now one of the best and most frequent mountain climbers I have and will ever know! She has a particular penchant for the Andes mountain range.

I also remember another night when we went for a walk on the path and Carolin was looking for a tree branch that she wanted to give to her husband to make into a banister. Well, we searched high and low and finally found a branch (it was already off the tree, don't worry we did not cut it down). It was a huge branch and we walked all the way home with it. We passed a lot of people who were laughing at us and if memory served me right, we were also singing along the way. All of our husbands thought that we were crazy. I think that when Carolin moved she took the tree branch with her. Did you ever make it into a banister? Yes the branch (almost a log!) was used a a banister for the basement. And when we moved yes I made the movers move it as well. I remember the movers asking my husband "do I take this too?" and his reply was "yes , I know it is a piece of wood but to save me some pain from my wife just move the stupid thing"! To be honest with you I am not sure where the branch is now but it is a good feeling to know regardless of what crazy scheme I hatch you guys will be there to help me execute it.

It's a nice memory! Enjoy your memories while you can ladies. We should all get back into being more of those free spirited young girls. All we seem to do now is work, work, work. We didn't have to schedule fun in those days, it just came naturally.

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