Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The Bachelor (flying on the winds of love) Finale

Well I don't have all that much to say except that Jake has made his choice and the final choice is

a big drum roll please

Jake and Vienna Forever

I wish them all the happiness in the world. The proposal was very heart felt and they both really seem to love each other.


  1. So few words, I guess you do not agree with his decision! What is the scuttlebut in tv land? Does the general public share your opinion? Sorry he didn't pick who you wanted. Does this mean he will get married on tv, too?

  2. I think that most people were surprised with Jake's decision but the proposal was so heart felt and both of their reactions were very intense. I think that they have a very special connection. There is something to be said for going against the grain and following your heart. I admire him for doing what he feels is right for himself and his fiance. After seeing the ending and how much they both care for each other all there is to say is best of luck for the future. I wish Jake and Vienna all the best. I don't know if they will get married on tv but I have heard that Jake is going to be on dancing with the stars this season.