Friday, July 30, 2010

Catch Up Fridays

(Cathy) So, how has my week been? Mom is at home and I have to say is looking better than she did beforehand. It's funny that hindsight is 20/20. As we talk and think she now is figuring that the tiredness she was feeling must have been due to the internal bleeding she wasn't aware of! She also felt a bit of "heartburn" after eating. Dehydration was also a problem. We laugh now because she was so pumped with blood and various fluids at the hospital her skin looks great! I told her she needs to keep the fluids up. (not the blood part) Both the doctor at the hospital and our family doctor told her to go on as per normal. It's like it never happened. She can eat and drink anything. She was taking a baby aspirin and that's the only thing that has been stopped. So, life goes on......
Our older son has finished his summer school math course and in a few weeks will start his NLS course, (national life guarding society). He gets bored in the summer and likes to keep busy. The younger one is off to his yearly camp week up in the wilderness up north. (actually, Haliburton Scout Reserve). He loves it. I think this year they will be sleeping under the stars... no tent. I am trying not to think of the bears and everything else. We send him off with hugs and kisses and wait for the week to end. It's a long week! He always has a great time and it's the highlight of his summer.
Cathy, we are all so happy that your mom is doing so well. Its been an interesting week. I have spent most of my time going to cardiologist and cardio rehab appointments with my dad. He is also scheduled for an angio something procedure in a week or so. It is fun spending time with him but it is hard to see him looking so weak. I know we spoke on the phone earlier this week and you told me about your dad. I have come to realize that we are at a point in our lives were the tables have turned and we are now the responsible ones. I mean, we had the scare with my mom, your dad has some tests to take and I know it will all be ok!!!! My girlfriend in Calgary is having a very difficult time with her father. He needs care and she is working so hard at trying to find the best solution. She writes about it all on her blog, It is amazing the amount of back and forth she has to deal with. It's so hard. It's so hard to do what needs to be done and try not to think of being a little kid. We are now looking after our parents and our families and working and....... I think our generation has been nicknamed the "sandwich generation". It's so true!
(Carolin) Glad your mom is improving nicely.

So, I am completing week four of camp and am tired. I have had a frustrating week. Gonzo had her baby on Tuesday (yeah!) a boy who's name is Samuel. All of camp is happy with the name Samuel and not what her three year old wanted to call him. Tractor Bam!

I am feeling the frustration of dealing constantly with teenagers. Now of course the funny part is I decided to work at camp to get away from a teenager. Not one of my smarter plans. I am getting tired of the selfishness and constant complaining. Oh well, three weeks to go. One thing I have learned is my teenager is not crazy and her father and I are good parents and raised her well.(We could have told you that!) I know this because she is no different than the thirty teenagers I spend my days with this summer. All of them are NUTS!

I am off tomorrow after breakfast and think I will take Abbey into Belleville for the day, maybe see a movie.

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  1. To think...I avoided having my own children, because I didn't want the responsibility and now I have their 70's!!! The roles have definitely reversed, and both look to me constantly as to what to do, where to go, etc. I just want to crawl into bed, pull the covers up and stay there!
    Glad to hear your Mom is doing better, Cathy. Say hi and give her a hug for me. I'm hoping to have my "parental" issues dealt with by the end of next week, and then some of the pressure can ease. Fingers crossed. Oh, and thanks for the shout-out!