Friday, July 16, 2010

Catch Up Fridays

(Carolin) Camp life is moving along. We are in our second week but first week with campers. I don't have much interaction with the campers just staff and LITs. It is a busy week as I am cooking for a large group. Also we have day campers that we feed lunch to. So we have two seatings for lunch. Thankfully another adult Sharon is here for the week to help. We have worked together before and I really like her. We also have a couple of girls who are confident in the kitchen and I have given them the job of desserts. Over all the staff (teenagers) and LIT's are good they just need a lot of instruction. Which can be hard for me as what is in my head does not always come out of my mouth clearly! They haven't learned to read my brain yet! The camp director Gonzo ( you remember me talking about her last year) is very pregnant. She is due in two weeks and this heat is very hard on her right now. Well that's about it for now from cook Carolin chat soon. (Cathy) How is Abby doing? Do you get a chance to interact with her often? Have you been getting the storms there that seem to have missed us all week long. I was speaking with Hubby, (who is working in Sarnia), and he said that they have had big storms on and off all week long. I was also reading my girlfriends blog, She lives in Calgary and they have had all different kinds of weather there. She is really a trooper as she will exercise in any kind of weather! I exercise vicariously through her, lol!

So, what have I done all week. Work was ok. I was at work and sitting at our customer service desk. I have to set the scene. I am now working with the small commuter planes. Flights of two hours or less. Our area is a single story , long corridor with doors opening onto the tarmac. There is no bridge for these flights. Passengers walk outside on the tarmac directly to the plane. There are windows everywhere. Following the access to this area, it's quite obvious that it's a long corridor. A passenger approaches our desk and asks where the elevator is to get to her gate. We advise her that her gate is just further along down the corridor. She confirms that she sees the sign for the gate, however, the arrow is pointing up, so she again asks how to get up?!!! I tell you it takes a very strong will not to laugh! I think I almost bit a hole in my tongue! It's never a dull day working with the public!
(Sunshine) I have spent most of my week just cleaning up the house. My living room now looks like a living room and no longer a tool room. That took my days to move it all down stairs and organize it all in the furnace room but it was well worth it. Now, we have no excuse as to why we can't finish the hardwood in the living room and paint it. It would be great to have that room done by the end of the year. I have also been doing a lot of work outdoor and it was so much work and really over grown. I finally had someone in to trim all the trees and he was here working for three days. It looks a lot neater but also much sparser. We will have to be patient and wait for things to grow in. Mr Sunshine's cosine is visiting from Vancouver. We had a big get together for her. It was a house full of people and lots of fun. She has two small kids and so did her friend, all under 5 years old. I forgot what it was like taking care of a bunch of really small kids, its been a while. I was laughing to think that we looked like that, running after our kids and looking compeltelly frazzled. I think that they couldn't wait to get them all to sleep.
It was nice to see everyone and especially the Vancouver people because we only get to see them once a year.

Have a great weekend.

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