Thursday, July 1, 2010

To Serve and Protect

Originally posted June 19, 2010

I made it through my first shift. Remember I said I started at 1:00 pm and we finished at 12:45 PM. I got one 20 minutes break to eat some dinner. But I guess after working with the food and seeing, smelling it nothing looked all that appetizing. I have been trying to stay away from anything I know is processed food which is hard as I know who the supplier of the product is. I have been eating a lot of salad and drinking a lot of water. I haven't had a Diet Coke since last Monday! I sent Sunshine a text asking her to tell Mr. Sunshine if he goes home to bring me some. But I doubt it. I see Mr. Sunshine in passing but that is about it. If I get a chance to talk to him I am to tell him his family loves and miss him and I am also to tell him Lisa from the RCMP says thanks and the food is great. Which I of course was very friendly to her but thought to myself. What the heck does Mr. Sunshine got to do with the food taste! Shouldn't the compliment go to the 20 people in the kitchen working 10 - 16 hour days. But just to make everyone happy MR. SUNSHINE, LISA FROM THE RCMP SAYS THANKS AND THE FOOD IS GREAT!

So my shift was long and I spent the night prepping for the 4 salad bars. Doing a lot of running back and forth up and down stairs. Which I am sure I will pay for in a day or two. I had a massive headache all night which didn't help matters. Just before the Salad Bar supervisor guy left he came to me and we had a 2 minute chat. He said he was moving me tomorrow to the front to keep the salad bars full and will get someone else to do the prep. :( I don't want to work the front as it is BORING. I don't know if he was frustrated with me cause he asked me to get some cherry tomatoes and I couldn't find them and then when I turn around he had the box in his hand. I felt like an idiot. Or if I didn't chop fast enough some of these guys are real fast. But I found it real hard while wearing some stupid cut resisent glove and a latex glove over top which where both way to big. Oh Well it is only for 10 more days. Suck it up princess!

At the end of our shift while outside waiting for our bus to take us back to our beds. We say many police officers (not on duty, nor in uniform) staggering around. They were drunk beyond drunk, in some cases they could barely stand up! I was a little shocked by there behaviour as they have the guns and who was protecting who.


  1. Why no diet coke? I guess there are no vending machines for security reasons! I was thinking that your move to the front line of the salad bar was a promotion! I feel right away they can see what a great worker you are, very effecient! As for the drunk RCMP officers, I didn't think they would be able to go to town to get drunk, what if they leak information??????

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  3. Oh my word. I would have been surprised by their behavior too! That's horrible.