Friday, August 6, 2010

Catch Up Fridays

(Cathy) Well, it's been a strange week. I have not even spoken with the other ladies!! I have no idea what's going on. I look forward to "catching up" with them through our blog!

With Hubby working out of town I have begun to notice a few things. For one, I'm gaining wait. No, it's not because I'm sitting moping on the couch eating bonbons, lol! It's quite the opposite! I'm just not hungry so I'm not eating. I understand that when you stop eating, it messes with your metabolism. So now instead of my body burning up what I eat, it's storing it. I have actually gained 20 pounds!!!!! Disgusting, so now I have to make a point to eat, even when I'm not hungry! I have been exercising. I run up and down 4 flights of steps 3 times a day at work. In the beginning I would call for an ambulance to please take me and put me out of my misery! Now, I can get to the top and still be talking, and I walk over 10,000 steps a day! I am still gardening, however, I could accompany the boys when they walk the dog but I enjoy that half hour to myself. I just have to be continually aware of what I eat and do now to try to keep myself fit. Just another thing to add to my ever expanding list!

(Carolin)20 pounds Cathy, welcome to the other side :)

Nothing strange here if you exclude the couple dozen teenagers I am surrounded with. I had some new staff this week and on the most part it was fine.

I and Moobah (his camp name) pulled a raid on the little one this morning. It was now half an hour after breakfast. I had set her alarm, paged her three times and she still had not got out of bed. So Moobah filled up a bucket of water and we went to my cabin. I snuck around to the back and woke her up through the window with a warning that she was about to get raided. When she sat up Moobah was standing at the door with the jug of water. Let's just say she was up and dressed ASAP! Mind you she was not happy with me.

We did have a talk about her pulling raids on others and how much fun it is. And so if you dish it out then you have to be able to take it. Next time I won't be so nice as to warn her first.

(Sunshine) Well its been a busy week and a strange week at that. I am kind of tired of talking about the same old things all the time but then I would not be talking about my life if I didn't. This weekend was my deceased brother in law's 9th anniversary mass. We all went to church and during the service I started to feel very unwell. I felt nauseous and dizzy and very shaky and uneasy. I had to leave the service and was searching for a bathroom but the one in the church was unlocked to Mr Sunshine and Little Miss Sunshine and I went to one at Tim Horton's. I felt so weird and my stomach started hurting and I thought that I was going to throw up, but I never did. We were scheduled to go up to a friend's cottage for a few days so we continued the 3 hour drive there. I took some of my friend's daytime gravol for a few days and gradually started to feel a bit better, but I am still not myself. Little Miss Sunshine keeps asking me what's wrong as she says that I look so sad. I don't really have an answer, I just feel like sobbing and staying in bed. I hate that my family has to even see me like this and I want it all to go away. I have felt this way in the past but not for some time now. I am exhausted and I have no appetite and I am just so sad. I have been keeping busy with orthodontist appointments, a trip to the passport office, a trip to the walk in clinic (Miss Teen Sunshine has fractured her pinky finger from catching a football at the cottage and she starts physiotherapy next week for her sprained and re injured ankle). I feel so bad for her and I am worried about how she will feel when she is older (will she be in such pain because of all of the breaks and arthritis and will she be more prone to breaking a hip or something?) I seem to be the only one who is concerned, the many doctors that we have seen listen to my worries but they really don't even bat an eye when I am speaking. She no longer wants to go to the pediatrician and she does not like my family doctor so I am on the hunt for a female doctor that she would feel comfortable with. It's an ongoing battle.

Little Miss Sunshine and I have started the cake decorating class at Michael's and she is really enjoying it. I am too. I just find it hard to sit still while the teacher is talking, and I am trying not to embarrass myself any further by fainting which is in the back of my mind for the whole two hours. Next week is busy too, my dad is scheduled for his angiogram on Monday and that will take up most of the day and he may have to stay overnight depending on what they find. Miss Teen Sunshine has her physiotherapy appointment and possibly a visit to the hospital to get the finger cast (I will find that out tomorrow) and also soccer and cake decorating classes and so much more that I can't even remember at the moment. Its been a bit of a challenging week, but I am trying my best to get through it all and I know that that others have so much more to deal with and I am just being a baby and feeling sorry for myself. Sorry for bothering you all with my seemingly petty issues, I am trying hard to control my emotions, Wish me luck.

I miss you girls very much and it's great to catch up through our blog. Cathy, you are doing a great job and you have always been such a perfect weight that I am sure that you will be back to your old (not literally) self in no time. Carolin, we all miss you and I admire the way you just go and do things, I am sure that it is not easy, but I must say that you make it all look so simple.

Everyone take care and have a wonderful weekend!!!!!!

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