Thursday, July 1, 2010

G8 Summit hours before my shift

Origanly posted June 18/10

I am sitting in the lobby of the camp the food services staff are staying at. I should be working on my contract agreement with the school. I have done a little of it but really need to finish it, procrastinating.

My shift starts in two and half hours but the bus will pick me up at noon and it is a 40 minute ride to TAF (Temporary Area Facility, i think that's it) also known as the Quarry. I am looking forward to seeing it as so far the fire department, Head of the OPP, VP and Project Manager, and Managers of Aramark, Chefs have all come to speak to us as a group and tell us what to expect. I think myself as well as many others are ready to just get this thing going. Some staff started yesterday, I would of liked to have started then as they were not at full capacity yet. Today will be full capacity (over 5000 RCMP,OPP, Fire personal etc) So I will be trying to figure out what I am to do while being at full tilt. Pray for me! I hope to be very busy as that will help make the shift go faster and hopefully I wont feel the fact that I am working way past my bedtime. I am figuring I wont get to bed tonight till close to 4:00 in the morning.

We have had so much training this past two days but not on any of the actually work we will be doing. So I can tell you how to read a chemical label, food handling(already have that certification) harassment in the workplace, how to lift a box, what to do in case of a emergency (fire) that one was the most helpful and the Fireman was quick and funny. We spent an hour yesterday learning what flag belongs to what country????? And then had candy tossed at us????? We learnt what countries Aramark works in and all there different divisions, once again???? We had one afternoon where we broke into groups and the head chef came and talked to us about a little of what to expect. That was helpful but then of course made me more anxious.

Security is pretty tight around camp we must wear our ID badges at all times. There is security all around the camp. And next week we are to have a group of Fireman coming and staying with us. Cathy aren't wishing you were here now!

So far all the people I have meet have been very nice and we have had a nice time. I heard that some people where taken home last night but I am not sure if they were sick or was another issue. But I am sure this is to be expected and that is why they hired 200 of us.

That's it for now I will try to blog each day if I can. I would love to add pictures but at this time we can't take pictures at TAF and I am not really supposed to say exactly where we are located. The bus driver who drove us up from Toronto didn't even know who we were. He was told by his employer that he was driving a group of north for a retreat. So he was a little surprised when he found out that we were G8 staff. Don't worry it wasn't me spilling the beans!


  1. wow, this should be quite an experience!

  2. Keep wrighting because you know how interested I am. I wish that I could be there to share in the experience with you.

  3. Firemen, did you say firemen.... in uniform???!!!I feel for you with all of the security. Look out for the staff talking to their wrists, lol! I remember when I worked for the G7, way back when, the guy talking to his wrist had me laughing the whole time!