Thursday, July 1, 2010

Thursday's on the bench

HAPPY CANADA DAY EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(Sunshine)Today was a day for just hanging out. We did some gardening and cleaning and then we just hung out in the back yard. Mr Sunshine and Teen Sunshine are finally back and we were just happy to be together as its been a long stretch. I saw Caroline yesterday and she looked really good. I am sure that she must still be very tired but I have to say that it didn't show a bit. We went to a Greek restaurant for dinner as it was Mr Sunshine's birthday pick and it was really good. What greek restaurant did you go to?The remainder of the day was spent relaxing and watching movies and some tv. I hope that everyone had a great day.

Cathy may not be joining us for our posts for today and tomorrow as she is away at the cottage. Well Cathy, the good thing is that the weather for the weekend is shaping up quite nicely. Have a great time.

(Carolin) Happy Birthday Canada! Well I hope most Canadians had a day of family, food and fun. At our house we did NOTHING! The husband worked the afternoon shift, I did laundry and the teenager worked as well. The little one just hung around. Our cat Duster came to the back door with a baby rabbit in his mouth, so most of the afternoon was spent with the two girls trying to be vets. Yes they used one of my better tea towels, and a drinking glass and spoons. Lets say I wasn't to happy.

My body is still having a hard time returning to my old timetable. I seem to be up latter then normal and then sleep in late in the morning. Also I am tired all day. Had to have a nap today, I woke up to a friend of the teenager playing the piano. It was nice to hear the piano being played as it should be.

I hope Cathy is having a nice time at the cottage, the weather is great this weekend! I have started to pack for my next adventure. Have a good one all!

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