Friday, July 23, 2010

Catch Up Fridays

(Cathy) I have been hearing all week on the radio about rain. I am actually looking forward to rain as the garden could use with a good soaking. I have even held off on doing laundry because I would look outside and see the ominous clouds and smell the rain and think the storm was imminent. Even this morning it looked nasty out as I drove to work and it has turned out to be a beautiful day! I think we must have a glass bubble over us as on the weather reports they talk about rain around us... just not on us!

I think I am slowly getting used to being without Hubby during the week. I find I am getting more done. I am not as cranky and I am sleeping better. Hubby has a short work week and we are excited to have him home from Thursday night!

Here's my garden report: the tomatoes are starting to ripen and the green been are being harvested and eaten raw by my older son. I might not be able to gather enough for a meal but that's ok as he loves to go into the garden and look for the ripe beans and eat them right then and there. We have eaten the first set of radishes and if we want more I'll need to plant more seeds, (where is that to do list???). This year instead of planting sweet bell peppers I tried Sheppard peppers and so far so good. I think we will eat some green and leave some to ripen to red. I will try to collect seed from a ripe one near the end of the season. The main gardening tasks are still just pruning and deadheading and weeding. I can spend hours doing this. I tried with the radio and with my Ipod, however, I find I like to garden with just me, myself and I with the sounds of nature, (and the occasional car horn) surrounding me.
(Sunshine) Gardening can take up so much time. I can spend time weeding and making things look good but soon after it all looks messy again. It is kind of like house work, it is endless.
It's been a bit of everyone not feeling well this week, since the weekend. Stomach and digestion problems for all if you know what I mean. But we are finally all now starting to feel a little bit better.
(Carolin) I have read what Cathy was originally going to talk about gardening and everyday life in general. But the funny thing with life is it will shake us up without a moments notice. Just as we were ready to chat and catchup, Cathy's mom was rushed to the hospital. I have been talking to Sunshine through email and trying to stay caught up. At this time we don't know much but when we do we will keep everyone posted.
Camp life is moving along. I am tired all the time but things are good. I have a good team in the kitchen and am at the point were I can give them a job and they can go with it with minimal help from me. I am getting pretty efficient with the commercial steamer and even cooked sausage in it today. It is nice as it doesn't heat the kitchen up like the ovens do. Anyway talk soon, Carolin
(Cathy) I know this was supposed to be posted on Friday, however, it is now Saturday. Mom is going to be ok! Thanks be to God! She had a bleeding ulcer which they have cauterized. They think it was caused by some of her medications she is on. It took them a while to let us know and it was a while to wait for the scoping procedure which would confirm the initial diagnosis. She is probably going to be there another day or two as they have to get her back on solid food and make sure all the bleeding has stopped. Whew! Really, really scary, but now all will be good. Thank-you to one and all for your prayers.

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