Thursday, July 1, 2010

G8 Summit

I was asked to remove the following posts about my adventures at the G8 Summit. Now that the G8 is over I am free to post what I like. Below is the first post. This post was orginaly written June 18/10

I am now finally up at the G8 summit. The cooking staff (about 200 of us) are staying at a beautiful resort like camp in Muskoka. At this time I can't name the resort but after the summit I will add a link.

We arrived yesterday morning in the cold and rain. We spent the afternoon in training and getting our job titles and uniforms. I have been very fortunate as I was first off the bus so I didn't have to wait for my security pass or room. I again have been fortunate to have a great roommate and have met some very nice people. Yes I am the mom in the group but it hasn't been to bad. Today we woke up to great weather with lots of sun shine. We were in training up till 4:00 pm today but then had the rest of the day to explore. We spent some time down at the lake and I even got some sun. Went for some walks exploring the grounds. I have even been trying to get school and summer camp work done.
I will start officially working in the kitchen tomorrow. My shift is 3:00 pm till 1:30 am. Not sure what I am doing just told general help. I hope to learn lots of new stuff. We have had drilled into us the enormity of our job. Every time they tells us how many people we will be cooking for it grows. Last number I heard today was 4000 - 5500 people three meals a day! That is over 12000 meals a day!!!!!! I am anxious to start but also very nervous. It seems things change constantly. Like just now Mr. Sunshine just came in the lounge where I am typing and asked me to start at 1:00 pm instead of 3:00 and still work till 1:30 am. I think it is just for tomorrow as I am to tell the head chef the name of the guy I am replacing. Not sure what happen to him and I don't know who it is.
Well it is after 10:00 pm so I should get some sleep. When I can get back on line I will have more stuff to tell you about what it is like at TAF.

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