Saturday, July 3, 2010

Catch up Fridays

(Sunshine)Wow, Summer Vacation has actually started. Finally all the family is home and the weather is so beautiful what else can I ask for. All I really want to do is relax and enjoy. Carolin was right that after working the full year, there is an even greater appreciation for vacation.

There is however, still much to do around the house. There are endless things on the honey do list and even the amount of daily chores is unending. Not to mention what has to be done in the garden and around the house on the exterior. We could work forever and still never be finished. Oh well, I am sure that everyone feels the same way.

Eclipse (the third movie in the Twilight Saga opened last Wednesday) was fantastic according to Miss Teen Sunshine. I am hoping to see it sometime soon as well.

The summer calender is already full. There is so much happening every weekend and before we know it, September will be here. How can it be that time passes by so quickly?
(Carolin) The weather is great and it does feel like we have finally entered summer. Sunshine if you ever get overwhelmed with the work at your house just come on over and do some at my house. I have started packing for my and the little ones summer away at camp. We put our home telephone on vacation for the next three months and if we don't miss it we will cancel it.

I went to day to get my hair done, cut, coloured and highlights. Had to do something to hide the grey! I was expecting it to take two hours and then my family (excluding the teenager) where heading over to Sunshine's for a swim and BBQ. The husband and little one went over and I told them I would meet them. Finally after 4 hours (!!!!) my hair was done and I headed over and of course had to listen to much ribbing from Mr. Sunshine. My recommendation is not to go to the hairdressers when the World Cup games are on. He kept putting my under the hairdryer so he could watch more of the game. Then at one point he turned my chair so he could have a better view of the tv. Lets say by the end of the 4 hours I was about to lose it! I was hungry, had to pee, and I could give two hoots about the soccer games!

We had a nice time at the Sunshine's, the two younger girls were in the pool the for hours and hours. We had a nice dinner and good conversation. Then Mr. Sunshine started a fire and the girls roasted marshmallows. Just when the mosquitoes started to feast we went in side and watched a movie. Percy Jackson and the lightening bolt, or something like that. It was pretty good, a little too intense for the little one but I think the teenager would of loved it. It is about Greek Gods and fantasy and such, wright up her alley. Of course at times it was hard to hear the movie with Mr. Sunshine's snoring!

Mr. Sunshine and The Husband are trying to figure out a way for my to have Internet connection on the laptop from my blackberry. Mr. Sunshine called one company that said it could be done, then The Husband called our provider and they said it couldn't. So I think they have some more work to do. The point of this is so I can take the laptop with me to camp and still blog, and of course pay the household bills!
Have a great weekend all, see you in September Cathy.

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