Saturday, July 3, 2010

Honorary Sharpie

It is day my second day on shift. I am not a nervous as I was yesterday. But not feeling totally comfortable yet. Once I stepped into the kitchen my supervisor Jay asked to speak to me privately. Oh No! what did I do, I must of been to bossy last night or even worse he is shoving me in the salad pit. Its not that the pit is so bad it is just I was hoping to learn as much as I could throughout the kitchen and being down in the pit you are on your own and there is not much interaction with the kitchen.

So I follow him to the office (prep walk-in cooler number 3) and he starts to talk. Now you need to know I am not good with accents and the fact that he is a good 2 1/2 feet taller then me mixed with his Australian accent makes it very difficult understand just what he is saying to me. But the gist of what I got was I have been promoted to Salad Bar lead and I will have a group of staff to help me. He may of said more but all I remember is thinking "whew I am not in the pit". Jay handed me my very own Sharpie in a shade of green of course and then we made our way to the kitchen pre shift pep talk.

The Chef gave me a nod in which I nodded back (not sure what that all meant but I am all for the nod). Chef Tom then introduced me to the crew and we picked a team, I let him do the picking as I really didn't know anyone.

The shift went well, very busy, major learning curve, but we made it through. At the end of the shift during our post pep talk, I was asked to come up with a team name, nicknames and a cheer. What the heck was that about I am not sure. Something to stress over.

At this point very few know that I know Mr. Sunshine. Which is good with me but I know it wont last, soon word will spread soon.

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