Sunday, July 11, 2010

What's Up?

Happy Friday Everyone!!!!!!! (Cathy) It's now Sunday! Sunshine and I were talking and we have decided to post only once a week for the summer. Even though it's summer vacation for the kids, we find we are busier than when the kids were in school. I have not had time to go on the computer to even check my e-mails!

Its been a little bit rainy today so most of the day has been spent indoors. No complaints though because the relentless heat has kept us indoor as well. At least today its a bit cooler. Another trip to the emergency room for Miss Teen Sunshine and another sprained ankle. Well, at least nothing was broken this time. Never a dull moment around here. It must be summer if Miss Teen Sunshine has a sprain!!! What happened? I hope it's not too serious and she will be on her own two feet soon!
Little Miss Sunshine has been registered for a cake decorating coarse and she is thrilled. The only thing is that because of her young age, mummy must take the coarse with her. Well at least it was cheap, $28.00 per person. However, there is always a catch, we need to purchase a bunch of supplies that are on the list. I am not sure what the cost of those will be so far. It will make for a busy but fun time in August. Ask her if she will make a cake for our annual Labour Day Sunday get together!
Mr Sunshine is on his way home from a three day trip in New York. He was suppose to be home hours ago but the first flight was cancelled and the next flight was delayed due to lightening. We all hope that he make it home sometime tonight. I work for an airline and I am always surprised that most people think it's easier to fly in the summer. It's actually harder to keep a schedule in the summer because of all of the thunder storms and lightening.
As for me, I am doing a lot of work around the house both inside and outside. There is an endless amount of things to do and when I am not busy with that, the kids activities take up the rest of my time. It has been really nice though being home and having time to take care of things that need taking care of. I am usually up very early and do somethings around the house but the difference is that on some days if nothing is planned I can go back to bed and have a little nap for a while. I miss that very much. Being home with the girls is an added bonus, I really enjoy it a lot. I do however miss a steady pay cheque, it was nice to have just a little extra cash for a while. I am sure that September will be here soon,(???) we are already half way through July. Where do the hours go?
We would like to thank all of our readers and wish everyone a healthy, happy, summer! Please stop by our blog once a week to catch up on the happenings with us ladies! Once the kids are back to school we will resume our regular weekly posts.
Have a great weekend everyone, I hope that everyone is doing well.

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