Monday, June 28, 2010

Bench Talk: What Happened in Toronto?

What happened in Toronto last Saturday night? Who was the cause of it? I thought it was supposed to be a peaceful protest! So, just who were those people in black? Were they local people or did they come to Toronto from afar to cause trouble? In Toronto we have all been complaining about the money spent on security and the inconvenience caused to residents. I guess it's now justified.

(Sunshine) I watched the chaos that was being shown on the news on tv and it was pretty shocking. (Cathy) I, too was pretty shocked when I turned on the radio Saturday night and heard about all of the chaos! What's sad is that all of the organized peaceful protest causes were lost in the mess. Instead of shining light on real causes, for example: Greenpeace, all people saw was "thugs" causing havoc.Shame on those cowardly individuals who come to our city to do nothing but destroy and reek havoc. There is no cause that they are fighting for, they are just criminal thugs. I would like to tell them all to get out of our city and go back to where they came from. I hope that they catch each and everyone of them and deal with them so that they will think twice about ever being a part of anything like this ever again.The only problem is that innocent people get caught up and arrested right along with them. I think these thugs scare people so that any thoughts of participating in a peaceful cause in the future is squashed. I am so thankful for all of our emergency and security forces who have worked tirelessly and incurred injuries and insults in order to keep our city and it's visiting members safe. I also wish that the public would help the police out more by getting out of the way allowing the criminals to be revealed rather then being able to blend into the large crowds. That's a good point. I wonder though that when the police do show up can the innocent people get away or are they caught up in the crowd. Then there is the fear of the mass stampede to get away which is when people get hurt. I thank God that that did not happen this time.
I heard on the news this morning that David Miller, who is the mayor of Toronto is appealing to the Federal government for compensation for the people who lost wages because they were not allowed to go to work in the secure zone. Also, for the lost business and now the repairs to the businesses in the area of destruction.

So, in the end, what was gained? What good came out of this summit? Is is really necessary to hold them in major cities?

(Carolin) I know this has been posted a few days ago. But I wasn't aloud to say anything till now. I am home from the G8 Summit in Huntsville. And I too was shocked to watch the news and see what was happening in Toronto. Who are these people and I hope they are arrested and given the full extent of the law. Thousands of RCMP and OPP where quickly bused down to Toronto and then when things were somewhat under control they were sent back to Hunstville. I spoke to a few different ones and I was told by all that what we say on the news was nothing to what it was really like. It was crazy! These men and women put there lives at risk because of a group of troublemakers. I sure hope they get them all. I think the city, business and residence should be able to sue them for damages and if they are not from Canada I sure hope they are prohibited from ever entering our country again.

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