Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Thursdays on the Bench

(Cathy) VACATION!!!! Yeah! I am on day one of my vacation for me! This is my selfish mommy week. It's all about me! ME, ME, ,ME! What do I plan to do you ask? I plan to garden, swim in our pool, cook, read, garden,... I think we ladies are planning to attend the new Sex in the City movie this Friday. Plans are not yet set, however, I have penciled it in. That's so great Cathy. Enjoy your time off. You deserve it.

I am loving this heat wave we are having. I hope it lasts all summer long! Hey ladies, guess what I was doing outside in the heat of the afternoon? Yup, drinking a cup of hot tea! (delightful!) I was just taking about you and your hot teas in the summer last night. I still don't get it but Teen Sunshine was trying to explain it to me. All I know is that when I am hot, a cool drink (with a lot of ice in it) really cools me down. Sometimes just looking at the picture perfect drink will d0 the trick.

Yeah for you! It's bloody hot here and I haven't turned the AC on yet. I am sure to break down by Friday and turn it on. The problem with our AC is it doesn't reach the second floor. So sleeping is still a huge problem and with no one home during the day it seems a waste. I finally broke down and turned on the AC last weekend. It make comming home a real joy. The second floor is definitely a lot warmer in some rooms more then others. When we first moved into this house, all of the bedrooms had ceiling fans and so did the kitchen. I really despised the look of the fans but I must say that now I don't really know what I would do without my ceiling fan in the bedroom. We leave it on when the nights are really warm and it makes a huge difference.
Yes Cathy, SITC 2 is set for Friday night we are planning on the 9:45pm show and dinner at East Side Mario's first. I sent you all an email let me know if you are in so I can make the reservations. Friday will be tight for me as I have to get the little one packed as she and her Dad are away for the weekend at Circle Square Ranch. I have a training session at 5:00 pm in the new equipped kitchen at school. It's finished! Yeah! Does that mean that things have been settled for next year? I was brought down to see it today. Pretty fancy smancy. I was kidding with Romeo (one of the Pleasant Bay Camp directors who also works at the school) that after I have had a taste of the new school kitchen I just don't know if I can go work a summer in the old camp kitchen! Mind you I am getting a little ahead of myself as I still don't have a contract for next year. I was told yesterday that a board member is just now reading over my proposal I gave them a year ago April! Sometimes you just have to shake your head. I find it a bit rude that the board member is just now reading your proposal. It would be nice if they would consider the 'human' attached to the proposal who is trying to make a living. I wonder just how long they think they can keep you dangling. It's good you are a strong willed individual! Patience, patience Caroline, I know that everything will all work out for you in the end. You will succeed at anything that you do.
Have a nice time on your vacation Cathy, I only have two weeks of work left. Then I am home for two days then head up to work the G8. There is a lot of talk about it lately, I am looking forward to getting away and only being responsible for myself. That sounds like a vacation to me. Did you see the big article about the Summit in the Toronto Star on the weekend? You are going the be part of history in the making. Have fun and enjoy your self. I think just being responsible for yourself will be fabulous. Are you able to take pictures? I hope so, Or, maybe Mr. Sunshine can take some of you 'in action' for us! Whenever you see Mr. Sunshine, tell him that his wife and children say hello!!!!!

Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Heat wave in Toronto and snowing (yes...SNOWING) in Calgary...gotta love May in Canada!!
    Cathy, be sure to swing some days off October 15-24. I haven't booked it yet, but the Goodlife marathon is October 17th and I can't wait to see Toronto in the fall. Just no heat wave, 'kay??

  2. Last time you saw Toronto in the fall was for my wedding! I am so looking forward to seeing you in person. Maybe, I should have a get together so you can meet the 'ladies'!