Monday, May 24, 2010

Bench Talk: Working with/for the Public

Who out there works for the public? For example, working in a shopping centre, bank, transit, airport... and all the other places people like to go. It's great working with the public, however, there is a big downfall. The public expects to be able to shop, fly, whatever, 24/7. I understand all about shift work. As a shift worker myself the convenience of being able to shop whenever is great. However, if shops or venues were only open certain times I would have to schedule the best time to go. I like the convenience, but I wouldn't miss it. I think time spent with loved ones or just time spent pursuing activities at home would increase because the time would be there.

(Sunshine) I think that it is very convenient to be a able to shop and do other things pretty much anytime but when I am out there on a holiday, I always feel sad for the workers who have to work instead of being home with their families. On occasion I even comment on how I hope that they are not working too late on the holiday. I agree that if the stores were closed it would not be a big deal, I would just shop on other days. Spending time with family is very important and it's hard when everyone around you has time with their family and someone that you love has to work. Many times work takes special time away from our families. We have definitely taken a step backwards as a society when it comes to this issue.
Sunshine, it looks like you are the only one of us with an opinion on this topic. Well, I work shift work. As much as we get paid for the stat holiday, it's hard to leave the family at home, by the pool, sipping mojitos (just the adults, of course). I'm ok once I'm at work. It's the leaving the home part that's hard. When I first started working we were a Monday to Friday operation. I worked in the office then, moved to the airport years later. We were open from 8am until 9pm if my memory is correct. It wasn't long until we changed hours from 6am until midnight. You know what follows, 24hours a day, 7 days a week. This was to accommodate the various time zones in the country. It's easy to say to change jobs, however, to what? Look at Carolin who looked for a job for ages and finally started one of her own! It's a tough, demanding, selfish world we all now live in and everyone wants everything now! When is the down time?

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