Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Book Club - Week Six

This is our last book club blog for, "The Dirty Girls Social Club."

What did you all think now that the book is done?

(Sunshine) I enjoyed the book. It was a very light and easy read. Mostly I enjoyed our weekly discussions. (Cathy) What do I think of this book. I agree with a comment Carolin made a few posts ago. It's fluff. It's an easy read, predictable. I was hoping for something deeper. I also find it hard to read a book and then discuss it. While I'm reading it I have comments and deep (I hope) thought provoking thoughts! I then sit down to write about it and it comes out like fluff. I did find I was annoyed most of the time I was reading this book. I kept getting angry at the author for falling into stereotype with the characters. Maybe this was her point. WE ARE WHAT WE ARE. I don't know. I thought the book was crap.

Were you happy with how all the sucia's intertwined lives were wrapped up?

Well, I think that everything takes time and although some of them are on their way to a better life, they all still have a long way to go. I really hope that Sara is ok and that they find her husband and throw him in jail. I just didn't like the way it ended. Boy, do I ever sound negative! Let me see, was I happy with any part of the book. Yes! I enjoyed Rebecca's story very much. Out of all the sucia's she is my favourite. That because there was pages and pages of her and Andre having very detailed SEX! The book was crap. Ok, I agree with you, however, out of all of the sucias, Rebecca's story was the most interesting.

Would you recommend this book for others to read?

I guess that it depends on what kind of book they are looking for. Our choices based on the availability of the library book club books were limited. It was a good way to start our book club. It was a good first book for us. I think I kept comparing the sucias with ourselves. Our friendship and our love for each other. I guess that was a main point. No matter what happened, the sucias were there for each other. I would like to think that we ladies share that same quality. Did we get a new writer? Who is grey? If you want to read a crappy book then go for it. The book was light, stereotyping, predictable, crap. The people that Lauren made fun of as wanting her to be, typical Latino, was exactly what the author of this book is. I think the only reason this book was published was someone in the publishing company read a statistic on Latino books written verse readers and thought this book would appease the demographic. Uh, publisher, it didn't, it is crap! Well, at least I know it wasn't just me. I kept trying to like it but there really wasn't much to like. I think Sunshine enjoyed it!

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