Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Thursdays on the Bench

(Carolin) So this is my second look at Thursdays on the Bench post that supposedly Cathy set up. She sent an email out saying Thursday was all set up so I went on to add my two cents worth but saw nothing and promptly closed it thinking I was too quick for Cathy. But here I am the next day and still nothing. So just what exactly did you set up, Cathy? I set up a blank canvas, awaiting your artistry with words! Did you get my e-mail regarding our new Friday post, "Catch Up Fridays?" It was Sunshine's idea. It will let us tell each other what we have done each week. (Our lives are so interesting!?) It's getting harder to get together and with you being away all summer (I hope you have internet access!) with this we can keep up to date with each other. (Sunshine) Should we use a different spelling ie. "Kathcup Friday's"? Internet might be tricky, I have my blackberry (my most favourite thing in the world). I thought I might try to hit the local library once a week and perhaps use the computers there.

Guess what? It is Prom season in our house. The teenager is in her last few weeks of high school and has decided she now wants to go to Prom. (might be because she has a new boyfriend) Anyway, you know on TV when they show the mother and daughter going out shopping for the perfect Prom dress; well, let me tell you what you see on TV is nothing close to reality. I remember my highschool prom dress. It was a long lavender dress. It had a shawl or do you call it a cawel(sp?) neck. My mom knit me a shawl wrap to match. I think I had white high heeled shoes. Only one of the girls in my group of friends had a date, I think, so we all had a table together. It was held in a hotel downtown Calgary. I can't remember how we got to and from the hotel. Hey, Carol.... do you remember? I only remember my grade 12 prom. I wore a "black" lace dress and for some reason I had on white heels. I did have a date as I had a boyfriend at the time and we all had a great time. I wonder why I don't remember my grade 13 prom.

Prom dress shopping in the Carolin household goes something like this:
Teenager, "Mom, I going to the mall with (insert friends name here) for a prom dress."

Me, "But I thought we could do it together, you know make a day of it"

Extreme laughter is heard throughout the neighbourhood and the teen pulls herself together long enough to tell me, "NO"

So Saturday comes and we Prom dress shop like this:

Teenager, "Mom, I am leaving now can I have money"

Numerous $50.00 are handed over and the teen leaves.

During the course of the day I text her, "did you find a dress?"

Teen texts back, "Yes."

Then she gets home that night I ask to see the dress but she is grumpy and says she is tired and goes up to her room and chats on the computer for the next two hours to her friends.

What I know is this; the dress is black and fuchsia, she says it is medium length. Her Dad on the other hand would like to know where the skirt is for the blouse she bought. I would like to know where my change is from the numerous $50.00s that exchanged hands. But I can't ask her at this time cause she is off to the Mandarin with friends for dinner and last I heard it was her treat! Have you seen the dress yet and do you like it? Is she buying shoes and a new purse, too?

I have seen the dress in a ball on her bed. I picked up and hung it on a hanger in her closet. She has a pair of black heal sandel she said she was going to wear. And a purse??? Never asked.

She is going to look amazing no matter what she wears.


  1. Don't know how you got there, but I went with my "date"...the guy I worked with and asked to go with me, only to find out he wanted to get home, because he and his girlfriend had a big day planned the next day.
    Boys suck...
    I do remember having the BIGGEST perm EVER! Nasty, nasty memories...thanks Cathy!

  2. I knew one of us had a date and I knew it wasn't me! I do now remember this guy you were with, however, I don't remember the perm. I can only imagine how nasty my hair must have looked. I guess I must have driven there myself. One thing I do remember is we all had a much better time at out 10 year high school reunion! Better memories, I hope!