Thursday, May 6, 2010

Thursdays on the Bench

Hi all, I in my garden today. It's cold and windy. Why is it that the days I'm at work are beautiful and sunny and the days at home are cold and rainy? - I'm back inside now. I can't decide if it's hot or cold out, but it sure is windy. Did anyone watch the 'youtube' video I posted? Yes I watched it but I think I have seen it before. It was cute. I watched it but I too have seen it before and yes it is funny. .I thought it was very funny! I bet you thought they only drank "Red Stripe". So, besides the whole dating thing from this week what else is new? The younger one will not be here this weekend. He will be at a Scouts Jamboree. This Jamboree is shared between Canada and the U.S.A. It's held every "Mother's Day" weekend. It's Mothers Day this weekend!!!!! sugar, I better get on that.Is this supposed to be a gift for us moms? I'm sure it is for some, however, I like my kids and want them around on days like this. Oh well, he loves scouting and he looks forward to this Jamboree every year, so off he will go!
Mothers Day snuck up on me. My brother in law called to see what we were doing and I was wondering why he was calling so early.
(Carolin)I sure liked the cold today as I was so hot at work I needed to step outside to cool down.
(sunshine) Our hood system has not been working for the last week and half and I have been one big ball of sweat, especially when I am frying at lunch time so the wind is a welcoming friend at the moment. I had my first catering job in the school. It was a ACSI Principal Luncheon . . It went well but I was pretty frazzled for a while. I helped set up and made assorted muffins for the morning. The Junior High kids came for lunch at 11:45 am (15 min. early) then the High School kids came for 12:00 pm, I then got the lunch for 40 set up for 12:30 pm (45 bowls of beef barley, 60 assorted sandwiches/wraps, and 90 cookies). I had made the muffins and cookies early this week and the soup I made last night. So I had the sandwiches for today. I also had the elementary kids come for lunch at 12:30 pm. Thank goodness the husband came to help and I had a HS girl also help. She is very good at her job and extremely reliable. What was nice is I gave the coordinator the invoice in the afternoon and she had a cheque ready within 10 minutes! She also asked if I would like to cater for her again next November. It is at the school again but for 600 people! Please pray that the new kitchen is completed and I am there next year as this would be a biggie for me. Congratulations sounds like a busy day and you nailed it. There is a lot of money to be made on catered functions.

I had met up with the Geography (HS) teacher today. He was telling me that KD had sent him some Geography curriculum (she is a Geo teacher) and in it she had made up a quiz. One of the questions on the quiz was 'What in-school lunch lady will also be cooking at this years G8 Summit?' All day the kids would come visit me or stop me in the hall to congratulate me on cooking at the G8. Now that I have started to receive emails in reference to the summit I am getting a little excited. I will be forever grateful to Mr. Sunshine for having faith in me. But I must be off as the little one and I are on our way back to school for Arts Night and Open House. Hopefully I will sleep like a baby tonight! Congrats on the Summit as well and with such a busy day how could you not sleep well tonight.

Not much else going on this week. The basket ball tournament that Little Miss Sunshine was in is over and they came in third place. We didn't get home on Tuesday night until after 8:30pm from the tournament. Miss Teen Sunshine went to see Frankenstein yesterday with her school. She said that it was really good and the most impressive thing was the set because everything was entirely made out of paper. Her bus was suppose to arrive at the school at 5:30 but it got stuck in traffic LMS and I waited at the school for about 2 hours. Just a little tip if you don't already know. Make sure Teen Sunshine has her phone when she goes on trips and she can call you when she gets close to school. Never has the bus arrived on time in the 4 years the teenager has been there. And what is a LMS?

Have a great weekend and Happy Mother's Day.


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