Thursday, May 20, 2010

Catch Up Fridays

(Cathy) Hi everyone! Welcome to our new post for Fridays. Life is busy and we ladies are busy and we do not have the chance to get together as often as we would like. So, we have Friday to catch up on all the goings on from our past week. Enjoy!

(Sunshine) Miss Teen Sunshine is turning 15 today. I will drop the girls off at each of their schools, go to work, pick the girls up from school do a quick change and then we will be heading off to Niagara Falls for the evening. We are going to our favourite restaurant "Antica Pizza". Miss Teen Sunshine loves it. We will spend some time at Niagara Falls and at Niagara on the Lake. We will be home in the evening at some point. Mr Sunshine leaves for Chicago Saturday afternoon "at least I think that's where he's going". He will be back sometime Wednesday evening. The girls and I will be spending the long weekend without him once again. We will celebrate Miss Teen Sunshine's Birthday over the next few weekends with both families. (Carolin)Happy Birthday to Teen Sunshine, it amazes me that your extended families still get together for all the birthdays. Growing up birthdays were no big deal. And in our family we celebrate with the four of us. But the rest of the families don't even remember. With the teenager because her's is at Christmas there is more who might remember (aunts,uncles etc). But the little one... besides one uncle who shares the same birthday nobody else has ever acknowledge her day. Thankfully, she doesn't notice or if she has she has never said anything to me about it. We have been to Antica Pizza with you guys before. It was nice, have a good time. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Miss Teen Sunshine! Have a great time in Niagara Falls. It's been a few years since I've been. It might just be one of the 'to do' things on our list for this summer.

Soccer season is starting and Little Miss Sunshine's first game is on Wednesday. Time to find the soccer chairs and dig out the cooler and extra big water bottles. Little Miss Sunshine is really excited she hopes the team soccer shirts are yellow this year. We will have to wait and see. She also wants to be number 16.

Only 4 more weeks of work left, Yippee!!!!!!! Three more for me, not that I am counting down but I am. I have a weeks vacation coming in a week. I can't wait! All I want to do is garden! That is what I've been doing all this week. I'm on a strict budget with the garden this year. All that will mean is that my containers will be a bit sparse. There is a heap of work to do. Since moving in I have been rejuvinating all of the shrubs, one at a time. It's hard but rewarding work as the shrubs look like new once thinned and pruned.

It is so hot and muggy outside right now and do you believe that we have not even turned on the air conditioning yet.

The exhaust system at work is still not working. Apparently the motor is burnt out and they have ordered a new one that will take a minimum of four weeks to arrive as it is coming from Germany. It is so hot at work and when we are done we are one big ball of sweat. If I get too comfortable at home with the air conditioning blaring then I may not be able to take the heat at work which is bound to get worse as the temperature outside gets warmer. There is no air exchange and the air conditioning does not work unless the exhaust system is working. Why that would be, I have no idea but that is the explanation that we were given. We have been keeping all of the doors open to try and bring in some air from the rooms and hall ways adjacent to the cafeteria and also to help to deal with some of the smoke that lingers in the air. It helps a bit but when all of the equipment is running and the cafeteria is filled with multitudes of customers, it is almost unbearable. The kids come in and all ask the same question. "Miss why is it so hot in here". Oh well, as I said 4 more weeks to go. I don't have air conditioning either, I keep window open that looks into the gym. It helps with a cross breeze but if there is a class I have to shut it (so I don't get a stray ball in the head!)

I am hoping to strip wallpaper this long weekend. We have one room left in our house that has wallpaper on it. The former owner loved wallpaper, 8 rooms had wallpaper. It has been work, work, work getting it all off! So if nobody has exciting plans you are welcome to come over and we can strip together. Why does this 'stripping' sound familiar? Did you not blog about a night you spent stripping a while ago??? Do you really want company!! Let's see, what am I doing this long weekend... oh yes - I'm working!!! It seems the public still wants to fly places, even during long weekends and especially on stat holidays. You know what, I think I have just found a topic for, "Bench Talk" on Monday coming; "Working with the Public means no Weekends or Holidays Off!" What do you think???

Happy Birthday!!!!!!!! Teen Sunshine....I'm sure you will have a great weekend! This week has been extra little one just didn't want to go to daycare this week, he'd rather be home with me...I really really wish I could work from home!!! I can't believe the long weekend is here. This will be my first with a Saturday off. Looking forward to it....just to be able to be home.

Have a great long weekend everyone!

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