Saturday, May 15, 2010

Bench Talk: Teenagers - Who are They and Where did They Come From?

Will someone please explain teenagers! What is the best way to communicate with them? (Carolin)You can't.How is it that they are so cute when they are little, however, when they turn 16 they 'morf' into some strange unknown creature!
This is what I have learned so far (having a 18 1/2 year old teenage girl)


So, you can see I have no words of wisdom for you. What I can share is what is NOT helpful to hear while you are dealing with 'creatures'.

  • Just keep the lines of communication open. (what the hell is that supposed to mean) First of all the creatures only communicate what they want you to know. And they only communicate to you when they have screwed up. You can communicate all you want but just cause they are looking at you when you communicate, I can assure what you are saying and what they are hearing are two very different things.

  • Support and encourage them. (What Ever) There is no way to support and encourage when they are changing their minds every other minute and what spews out of their mouth is nonsense.

  • They need to make their own mistakes. (Well then go ahead and leave me out of it) I am getting tired of picking up the pieces and then being trashed on because I didn't do it the way the creature wanted it cleaned up.

  • Just love them. (we will always love them, now at this point we don't particularly like them but we will always love them)
  • Remember when you were that age. (I remember and that's why I am so freaked out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well Cathy, I hope that helps and if it doesn't you can always do what I am doing. Running away for the summer. People keep asking me why I decided to go work at a children's camp for the summer. I give them all the noble answers like, to work and encourage the kids and counselors, to help friends, to be where God can use me. But you want to know the real reason? The creature wouldn't go away for the summer so I decided that I would go away instead. Now she is her Dad's problem. Ahhhhhhh 6 more weeks till freedom.............

(Cathy) Carolin, I have just read over everything you have written and I think you should write a book. My mom is here with me and she totally agrees with you! She has one more thing to add to the list. In order to keep your sanity, we should lock them in their rooms and just ignore them. My cousin once told me to always count to ten before responding to anything they say or do. This will allow us to put things in perspective before responding. I will admit that counting does work, I just need to remember to count! One thing I am sure of, we all do love our children and it's because we are loving parents that we care and become concerned about them. They will become adults and we will be proud of them, through all the tears!

(Sunshine) I am waving my white flag!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. I currently have four teenagers in my family. I really think those "one size fits all" books are for the birds! Every kid is so different.
    And good choice on the leaving!

  2. Hey Debbie, Kudos for still being able to type in complete sentences while having 4(!!!!) teenagers in one home.