Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Book Club - week five

(Cathy) O.K. - oops! I thought this was our last week as there were not that many pages left, so I finished the book! I know I promised not to read ahead and I didn't do it on purpose.... lol! So, what do you all think???? I guess I'll wait for the questions. (Carolin)Not for a minute do I believe you didn't read the whole book by accident. Actually, it wouldn't surprise me if you had read the entire book the first week. (Sunshine) I already answered all of these questions the other day but something must have happened as it seems to be missing so I will answer again. First of all Cathy, naughty, naughty, naughty! It's hard for me to support you when the schedule is posted on our blog.(Oh, right...oops again!) I have to check it every week to remind myself when to stop. However, I know that you wouldn't make it so just be more careful next time. Did you like the ending? (not really)

Cuicatl/Amber is a rich women now. Were you surprised when Gato went all jealous and started to trash her to their friends?
(Carolin) I was not overly surprised by Gato's reaction, though a part of me wanted him to be different. What I did like about Cuicatl/Amber was when she was discussing her tour dates she made a point of keeping her commitment to the sucias. I was surprised by that too. She did gain points from me for that. She valued the relationships of the other women and did not let other parts of her life override that. That to me showed real character.
I am not surprised with Gato's reaction, I was never a big fan of his. I am actually more surprised that he didn't stick around long enough to help spend some of Cuicatl's money. I am also happy that she is keeping her meeting with the girls. They are all so different but they have a very strong bond. It is refreshing.

So Usnavys is engaged! Do you think she will really marry Juan or did she accept because she was in front of her sucias. The women is a flake in designer clothes mind you but still a flake. I agree. While I was reading her I found her to be exhausting. Her sense of well being revolves around what is in 'style', the 'latest', the 'most expensive', the 'best'. I could never keep up with someone like this, she is just too much work. I think that Usnavys will marry Juan and she will find herself again and appreciate what really matters in life instead of the materialistic things and in the end she will adore Juan as much as he adores her. They will be very happy together. Do you want to know what happens?

We have learned a little more about Rebecca. Do you think the budding relationship between Rebecca and Andre will help to loosen Rebecca up?

Well, well, well, Rebecca is an interesting women. I find her discipline very impressive. She is so self disciplined she can control what she puts in her mouth! Mind you she has become very obsessive with it. It makes you wonder why she needs to have such control over everything. But because of her self discipline she has been able to fulfill much of her dreams. Buying a home in a fancy area of Boston, owning a successful magazine and now potentially a relationship with a very wealthy man who has very similar attributes. For Rebecca to be with Andre she will have to loosen up. I believe that it will take her a long time to become comfortable with herself and it is hard for some people to really let loose. She may not be one of those people who will ever be able to actually do that. I don't know if Andre will get bored of her and I question his intentions as he was chasing a married woman to begin with. Was he chasing her or just admiring her from afar? I think it's a nice boost to the self-esteem to know someone else finds you attractive.

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