Thursday, May 27, 2010

Catch Up Fridays

(Sunshine) Well we are going to see Sex In The City2 tonight. I am really looking forward to movies. (Cathy) I still have to buy my ticket. I will do so on line after I'm all caught up here.

On Saturday, we are having a street yard sale. (memories!)I have started going through some of the storage rooms down stairs and I am amazed at how much junk is down there after only three years. I haven't even made a dent in things and I don't know how I will be ready for early Saturday morning. I suppose that I will just take it one step at time just like anything else. I think that some of the stuff was actually imported from our old house. What was I thinking? But there is also some new junk accumulated over the last few years. Looking at the pile makes me never want to purchase anything ever again in my life (huh?, are you feeling ok??? ,lol!)(that would make Mr. Sunshine so happy). Have fun with your street sale. I am a free women this weekend, the husband and little one are away for the weekend. I am going out with the girls Friday night dinner and a movie. Should be a fun night. As the teenager is still around this weekend I asked her if she wanted to come for a girl's night out; she not surprisingly declined. Her wonderful response was, "No thank you, I don't want to spend a Friday night with the Seniors! " When did we become seniors??? I think we are all still quite young, oh, has anyone seen my glasses? :)!

Little Miss Sunshine'e first soccer game was on Wednesday. What a hot scorching day it was. I don't really know how those kids run around in that heat. Miss Teeen Sunshine is helping to coach the team and since the referee was missing in action on Wednesday she refed the game. Well at least that will keep her busy and it won't give her much time to complain about why I drag her out to watch every game. Next week the coach and her assistant will be absent and Miss Teen Sunshine will be coaching the team. I have to join her on the side lines and sign some forms but basically I really just have to sit there. That works for me as I don't know much about coaching anyway. The fun has begun. Now she wants try out for all star. Her house league coach is coaching the all star team so asked for her to try out. So far I have said thank but been there done that, no thanks. I suppose that I should really take a good look at it as she really does love to play. She will still love playing house league, and you will have a life and some money in your pocket to spend on replacing all the stuff you sold at your yard sale. What is it with us as parents that we feel the need to push our kids to be the best, the fastest, the smartest, the most agile. It seems we have kids that are either the best in their age group or we have a kid that has been tested for everything and has a long series of letters attached to their name. What ever happened to letting our kids just be mediocre. They are not the best nor the best, just themselves and having a great time to boot! I think a lot of the kid's activity thing came out of fear. When we were young we had the freedom to go bike riding, play on the monkey bars without fear of someone being sued if we fell and hurt ourselves! Kids today have no idea what their limits are socially or physically because we as parents are hovering every step of the way. When do they have the time to just be, like Carolin said. I think a lot has to do with the media shoving fear down our throats at every moment. I'm sure the same bad stuff happened when we were kids, however, we were not made aware of it. Is it better not to know and live a more carefree life, or is it better to know and be so cautious and careful to the point of not living? How to find the balance in between and not blame ourselves when something bad happens is as individual as we all are.

Have a great weekend everyone. Only 16 more days left of work for me. HURRAY!!!!!!!!!
I am done at school June 11 just 10 more work days.
Have I mentioned that I'm presently on VACATION!

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