Thursday, September 10, 2009

Thursday on the bench

(Sunshine)well this week is very busy with the start of the new school year. All of our children have a sibling in another school (high school). That means more running around to do and for some of the kids it also means a new school My teenage has started at her new school. She liked somethings about it and other things were just OK. Considering she is in a new school and doesn't know a soul in her grade and she is still limping around trying to find her way around, it was a good start. (Carolin)The teenager called me yesterday all in a panic because teen Sunshine was not on the bus (public transit designated just for the highschool). That's really sweet, today she told me that your teenager saw her at the end of the day and went up the her and gave her a big hug (I,m sure that it made my teenager feel really good). Once I calm her down and told her not to worry as I know Sunshine, I am sure TS (teen sunshine) was being picked up. Yes I will be picking limpy up for now and forever if she lets me and if I am available. The teenager said her first few days have been good. She dropped a class and now has a spare this semester. She did tell me tonight that she will be reading The Book of Negro's in the book club. She asked me if I could ask the author to come visit them! Wouldn't that be cool if our blog had that kinda of pull.

Teen sunshine called at lunch today to ask if she could stay later and watch her friend audition for a play. When she called her and her Friend were giggling away and I was so happy that she has already made some close connections. Anyhow, I was really good and told her sure, and to let her know to wish her Friend good luck and that if she changed her mind and auditioned too then good luck to my teen too. I refrained from lecturing her about how she should audition too. We (Mr sunshine and myself) already told her that we thought it would be a good idea. Well when I picked her up around 5:15 she came into the car happy but exhausted and I asked how the auditions went. She explained how everyone is so incredibly talented. It was a vocal singing audition. Her younger sister asked her if she auditioned and she took a while to answer and then she said yes. I was so proud of her for having the courage to do that when I know that it must have been so hard. All grades were able to audition and vocal music is one of her passions but drama is what coarse she is in. All in all it was a good day for her.

The first day of high school she went to her locker and it already had a lock on it. (They are sharing lockers only no one told them who they are sharing with). The combination to the lock was left on the back of the lock and both her and her dad said it was such a niner thing to do. I said that it was probably the locker mates (my daughter's term) way of letting her enter the locker too and giving her a chance to learn the combination. Well she opened her lock and put her sweater in the locker and locked it back up. At the end of the day she went to the locker and there was no lock but her sweater was there. The next day again no lock so she put the lock that she had purchased from the school on the locker. She also left the combination on the back of the lock. At the end of the day again there was no lock. We all laughed at her for doing the same thing that she laughed at someone else for doing the day before. Mr. Sunshine told her that she is being ninered and she agreed. Well on Thursday she was going to talk to someone to find her locker mate but her locker mate found her instead. They are in the same homeroom together. Teen Sunshine asked about her lock and the other girl said that she never saw a lock and that she is not much of a locker person so Teen Sunshine could pretty much have the locker to herself. So on Friday she will go and purchase another lock from the school (another $6.00) and finally start to use her locker.

We did some work on her room last week and it was transformed from a little girls room to a total teen room. It's so cool I would like to trade rooms with her. I am looking forward to seeing the finished product. The colour chosen looked good on Mr. Sunshines leg last weekend!
It is still pretty sparse looking which I prefer anyways but the round bed is a pretty cool feature. It is the only bed that can comfortably sleep all four of us. I saw a round bed at Ikea a few weeks ago and the teenager though it was cool. I wondered about sheets and comforters etc. Me ever the practical one It is the same bed. You can buy the fitted sheet for it but that's all that they have available. The comforter can be a regular king or queen size.

It is so beautiful out and has been for the past little while (10 consecutive days of no rain) it feels more like summer now then it did in July and August. It is so hot in the kitchen because there is know ventilation. I would love a winter storm right now just to cool off! I am hot just reading this. I have that effect on people:)

I am still on the hunt for a job and hope to have one by the end of this month. Wish me luck. I am trying to come up with ideas so that I will need to hire you for a few hours each day. Thanks that would be really because I would really love my boss. (By the way how much room for advancement would there be in this particular position? ) I have had many teachers come to me asking what can they do to help promote the kitchen. The elementary division head came to me today. And we discussed a couple of different options for the elementary students to also use the kitchen. One was to send a note home to parent with morning snack options that can be picked. Then the teachers collect the money and I send the choices to the class 15 minutes before recess time. We also discussed sending having preordered soup days. Perhaps twice a week I would send soup down to the kids who have preordered. Then they could have something warm during the cold months. I was thinking of starting that after Thanksgiving. What do you all think? I think that soup is a great idea and if you can make it a full lunch say include a drink and a roll and a snack then that would be perfect (this would take a lunch off of the parents schedule). I do think that assigned school lunch days will be a great way to get more business.

At this moment I am waiting for the husband to get home from donating blood so I can go over and register us for the Fall Fair. I just heard the door so I got to go.

It is now about 11:00 pm. A little while ago teen sunshine called crying for help from the bathroom. We finally got the door open and she was sitting on the edge of the tub crying as she had re injured her ankle. When she was walking it twisted once again and she heard the same crack that she heard when she first injured it a week ago. I don't know what to do. She has been wearing an air cast on it all week and it was getting much better. She never did take the crutches to school but she walks around very slowly. Her running shoes don't fit with the cast on so she wears flip flops which is so not good. She can't really walk without the air case. She took the cast off once she got home to give it a rest. She is in bed now and we will see how she feels in the morning. I wonder why they don't just cast the ankle until it heals properly. Not good, tell her to wear her running show really lose it has to be better support then flipflops. The problem with flipfops is the filp and flop! A lot of injuries at camp this summer were with people wearing flip flops. They are slippery and there is just know support if you do fall. And she has to wear that cast for a few weeks. I am going on almost two months and it is still sore and swollen. It is going to take a long time.

I can see here that we have lost Cathy and Louise. So I am going to post anyway as I know all the other benchers are wonder where we are! Hey Sunshine like usual its just us two that can be relied on!!!!!LOL


  1. Carolin is on her way to my house. What about a full air cast that you can walk on. I will show it to carolin. If she thinks it will be better for TS. She will bring it to you.
    And what the hey is everyone hurting there ankle. Mine feels great now.
    Love You

  2. I am at Mommies, and will bring the cast home with me tonight


  3. Hi all! I'm back from the void we had fallen into! I posted what happened.

    I missed you all and am glad Carolin's venture is off to a grand start! It will go up from here now. Everyone is going to love it, teacher and parents and students!

    Sunshine, please give TS our best wishes, I think it's neat that she has jumped right in, so to speak. I hope her foot is ok!

  4. Tanks so much for all of your concern and advice regarding the TS's ankle. Mommie I will see if the full air cast will help. Thank you for lending it to us.