Friday, September 4, 2009

Needing Incentive

For some reason, right now, I am extremely tired. I could close my eyes and sleep! But, alas no, it's time to make dinner. Tonights dinner is easy. Pasta with a seafood alfredo sauce, mmmm. ( Sunshine would say yuck to the seafood! ), and salad. I am toying with the idea of garlic bread, however, too many carbs.

I think this week of running around has caught up with me. Also, it's day one.... if you get my drift and there is no chocolate to be found anywhere!!!!!

I know I will feel so much better if I could just get off the couch and go into the kitchen and put the pot on the stove and start...............maybe just five more minutes.....

Oh, oh, Hubby just walked in the door....time to get off my butt!


  1. How cares if you have carbs. If you want garlic bread have garlic bread. And again 'day one' TMI!!!

    Be happy you are having seafood pasta cause you could come here for french fries and a tuna salad sandwich. (guess which house will be eating alot of sandwiches for now on!)

  2. Hi there! We just finished dinner and it was fabulous! I did the low-cal version, ie: used 2 pct evap milk instead of cream. I used cornstarch to thicken. I found some leftover white wine, so in it went along with sauted onions and garlic, and parmasean cheese. mmmmmmm. Very filling with the ceasar salad, ( the salad had all the calories,lol ) We didn't miss the garlic bread. Now off to Costco for groceries.

    Hey Carolin, the pie for Sunday sounds great! Hubby can't wait to eat it! If you wish to bring something else, how about ice cream????

  3. I have never heard of finding left over wine. That is a total foriegn concept to me. Did your kids eat this dinner as well.

    We had seafood as well. It was a lovely white fish (I think) with a crispy batter. And we had the most yummy starch that came in long strips that you dip in this red sauce. Very yummy then we went out for dessert to of course The Canadian All Time favourite Tim Hortens for a yummy blueberry friter. We were also spys checking out prices and menu choices.

  4. Hi Cathy, looks like you and I will be following the same schedule for the BBQ once again. The dinner sounded great. My kids love fettuccini alfredo and ceasar salad. It may end up being my inspiration dinner for the first day of school. We love the garlic bread even more so I will definatelly be a part of the meal.

  5. Sorry I forgot to add that yes there will definatelly not be any seafood in my pasta dish. Most of us (except Mr.Sunshine) hate seafood. I really should make seafood for him once in a while.

  6. Carolin, the younger one ate all dinner incl. sauce with gusto! The older one just ate the pasta and he was to lazy to pick out the shrimp from the sauce, he also ate a carrot!

    I LOVED your meal description, lol!

    Sunshine, crab and shrimp,!