Friday, September 25, 2009

Dancing with the stars (season # 9) double elimination

Well some of the dancers were really good and others were not so good however, I admire their courage.

I would have thought that for the women Debi Mazar should have been eliminated but truthfully Macy Gray was a little bit worse. I like Macy and would have liked to see her dance again next week. Macy said that she joined dancing with the start because her mother really wanted to see her on the show. Sorry everyone its official, Macy was eliminated. I just think that she was very nervous. Were she to have had the chance, she would have probably improved quickly and would have been interesting to watch.

A big surprise for he women and someone to really watch for is Kelly Osbourne. What an amazing and surprising performance. She was elegant and sweet and a pure joy to watch. Ozzy and Sharon were in the audience all teary eyed and shining with pride. It was a very touching sight.

For the men my money for elimination was on Ashley Hamilton and Tom Delay. Tom's performance was, well he was having fun with is but I did not enjoy it. In the end, Tom won out and Ashley was eliminated.

Who to watch for in the male category? Well of coarse Donny is really good and Louie was very entertaining.

Have fun watching next week.

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  1. Thanks for keeping me up dated I like the show but seldom watch it. Iam cheering for Donny Chuck and the snowboarder. In that order.
    Love You