Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Just a Another Tuesday Evening at Home

It is now just after 10:00pm and I am exhausted. Why you ask, hmmm let me see got home with the little one from school/work at 4:30. The teenager had already left for work (rode her bike) and the husband is on the afternoon shift for the next two weeks so we might see him on Saturday or possible Sunday. We communicate by notes left on the kitchen table and the odd phone call. I made the little one some eggs for dinner after putting away work stuff and I had some leftover pork chop. At 6:00 pm we started on the homework.......... We have two weeks of school under our belts and the little ones teacher has talk to me half a dozen times concerning the little ones learning style. I have told her a few times she needs to read the assessment that cost me $1500.00. You know the one that told me absolutely nothing I didn't already know but for some crazy reason the school systems need to have it in writing by some guy with a bunch of letters behind his name.

So anyway we started on math, then worked on christian Ed, then grammar/comprehension and at the same time I was making 8 dozen chocolate chip cookies for tomorrow. The little one was just finishing up her spelling words when I turned the stove off from the broccoli I was cooking for soup tomorrow. When all of a sudden the stove started to make popping sounds and red Sparks flashed from under the ceramic top. Then I could smell burning rubber. I tried not to panic and pulled the stove out from the wall and unplugged it. Thankfully the cookies had all been completed by this time.

I then called the husband and he said go buy a new stove. Uh thanks for that bit of wisdom. So at 8:15 pm the little one and I get in the car and head to Lowes to look at cheap stoves. Well it seems that nobody makes bisque coloured appliances anymore, the sales lady looked at me like I was asking for a harvest gold or olive green. My choices are white, black, or stainless steele. Also they had nothing that I could have by tomorrow and would have to wait two weeks. The sales lady recommended Sears Home. So though I am hesitant with Sears as that is where we bought the original stove from and also the dishwasher that had to be replaced last November. Off we went to the other side of the city to get there before they closed.

Susan our sales help was very nice and I decided on a black (yea I know again no bisque) traditional stove and oven. No more ceramic top, which I am OK with as I was never really happy with the one we had. I do like the look of the ceramic and it is easy to wipe up spills. But I found it took two times longer to bring a pot to boil then the traditional element kind. And you needed special cleaners and had to be careful with the type of pots you used and how you used them. So back to a coil elements for me but what is nice is they element trays are also black (hopefully they stay black over time) and goodbye to my duel ovens. I will miss that option. I like that the stove is simple ( thats all I want) and has two outlets for small appliances. So after twenty minutes of back and forth between this one and another that of course was $100.00 cheaper but didn't have the outlets and was a fake stainless steele look to it this one won out. I am now $1000.00 more in debt. But I guess it could be worse right?

Wait it gets worse. Just as we got home and I was starting to wash up the dishes the phone rang. It was the teenager calling to say she was finished work and was walking home now. Wait didn't she take her bike to work? Yes she sure did but it seems she forgot her lock and says she borrowed a lock from another instructor and when she was finished work the bike was gone. So she now has NO bike. The little one and I got back in the car and then proceeded to drive to pick the teenager up.

Someone please explain to me why when something happens to the teenager it is NEVER her fault. Now I am not saying having a bike stolen is her fault. But why did she not have her lock with her, you know you're taking your bike with you why wouldn't you have the lock as well. Also as I didn't mention it earlier, I did before dinner drive over to the pool where she works and drop off her glasses and contact lens stuff as her eyes were bothering her. Again you know you will be working 4 1/2 hours in a heavy chlorinated pool why did you not bring your eye stuff with you? I'll tell you why cause she was to busy checking her facebook and talking to the boyfriend. Which by the way is what she is doing right now. When her sister asked her how she was going to get to work on Thursday she replayed I'll take mom's bike. Huh, over my dead body she will. She can take the bus to work or walk and then I will pick her up at 9:00 pm. Yea I know what you are saying, but I can't let her walk home alone that late, I would be a bad mom.

It is now almost 10:00 pm we get home and I send the little one up to get ready for bed while I finish off the dishes. I go up to read her story when she tells me I will have more laundry then usual this week. I ask why and she informs me she has spilt white paint all over herself. I can feel my blood starting to boil, as I take her to the bathroom which she has tried to clean herself up in. There is white paint on the towels, counters and sink. I go to her bedroom and find white paint on the floor, and her school uniform tunic, which she has rolled in a ball so I wouldn't notice. By this time I can no longer keep my mouth shut. I am trying real hard not to lose control. I pick up the paint (where it came from I don't know) throw it out, clean the floor, the uniform , the bathroom and rinse out the towels but think that might be a lost cause. And yes before you ask they are the nicer towels that are covered in paint not the crappy old ones.

It is now 10:55 pm and the little one is (better be) asleep, the teenager is I think talking to Dilbert on the phone, the dishes are done, not the soup, it will have to be can soup tomorrow. There is a stove sitting in the middle of my kitchen and the van has bee cleaned out ready for the husband to take it in the morning to pick up the new stove. I don't know how he is going to get the stove in the house or how he will get the old one out. But I will let him figure that out. Cause I can't do anymore today.

We never did get to the French studying for the test tomorrow. Oh well another failed test under our belts. The teenager did tell me she got a big raise today (over two dollars an hour) which is great cause she needs to buy herself a new bike.

So how was your day?


  1. Wow Carolin you seem to be juggling way to much. When I have days like that at the end of the day or sometimes even earlier, I have myself a big old cry. I hope that things are way better for you today.

  2. Carolin, you have great control! I would have lost it about 3/4's of the way through your day! I think I would have had to go to my room and count to ten, about 100 times! I hope today was much better!

  3. Oh poor baby girl life is so hard. That is to much for anyone in one day.
    Thank goodness that man who you rarly see will deal with the instalation of the stove. I would hate to see you lugging it up the steps. Thank goodness it is not you taking the French test because kowning you, you would have stayed up all night studying. And thank goodness you have the car and can drive to work and the teenager has legs and can walk to work. But most of all thank goodness that day is over. I am exhausted just commenting on it.