Monday, September 7, 2009

My Mutant Garden

Now that we have entered September and my flower gardens have passed there prime. I have concentrated my efforts more on the vegetable garden. I go out each day and have a look for brussel sprouts. I think I see teeny tiny brussels sprouting. The peas are just about spent for the year. I have pulled a few carrots and though the tops are starting to turn yellow the carrots themselves are only a couple of inches long. I guess I will leave them in the ground for now. We have eaten our fill of swiss chard and there is still more growing. The tomatoes are all turning red. Each day I go out a pick a big bowlful. I did give a Ziploc bag of tomatoes to Cathy and Sunshine yesterday. Still planning on going away just might be in November now and I want Sunshine to take my kids. Actually she can have one of them!

Anyway back to my garden. Yesterday I was telling the Cathy and Sunshine about my sunflower. And Cathy's son said it sounded like maybe there had been some crazy science experiments done in our yard in times past. Because as you might remember I have Iris that change colours depending on what mood they are in, and even more Iris that just grow in the most random spots. And now I have over productive Sunflowers. The first one I am showing you was planted at the same time as all the other from the same seed packet. But a bird or squirrel or something chopped of the one bud.

A few weeks later I notice that the same stalk is now covered in buds. This one plant will give us about 15 flowers! I then went to another sunflower and purposely cut of the one bud to see if it happens again. But so far nothing has happened.

I was looking at the tallest sunflowers trying to decided which one is the tallest to enter in to the Fall Fair when I noticed this sunflower. At this point it looks like a Sunflower is growing in the centre of another Sunflower. I wonder if the Fall Fair has a category for mutant flowers?
I am assuming we will have another three weeks of nice weather so the vegetable garden can finish all it growing and ripening. I have learned a lot from our first vegetable garden in over 10 years and though it was pretty successful I am already planning what we will plant next year. I also would love if the husband would increase the size of the vegetable garden, but somehow I don't think I will be able to convince him of that as the garden will then encroach on the badminton playing part of the lawn.


  1. Carolin, you are so lucky to have a green thumb. All I have to do is LOOK at a plant and it keels over and dies. LOL!


  2. That sunflower looks so cool. Thanks for the tomatoes they are delicious.