Wednesday, September 2, 2009

I am in LOVE with my new sink

Its early Wednesday morning, well early for this house. I have a load of laundry in the wash and the house is still very quite. The teenager did get up briefly to bring me her dirty clothes and take the last slice of pizza and then went back up to her room to either go back to sleep or talk to the boyfriend (uh, over the phone).

I had tried to write last night but between the little one and my phone never stopping its incessant ringing the evening just got away from me. I wanted to give you all an update and also by writing down all that is going on it will help me to keep everything organized in my little brain.

In the past couple of weeks I have gotten myself GST (federal tax) and PST (provincial tax) numbers. I have registered the business name and already started to get mail from above mentioned tax departments. I had been calling catering companies hoping to find someone who would either sell me pre-made sandwiches or let me make them in there shop. But I ran into a wall in that department. Then one night my husband said why don't we just buy a hand washing sink and he would install it himself in the schools old kitchen. Having that third sink would solve alot of my problems. I could prepare food and be able to serve hot soup if I had the third sink. The next day we went over to the school and talked to the principal and we all went and measured the counter area. The principal said to us not to worry he would have someone on the school maintenance team to go buy a sink and install it. That way the elementary kitchen (as it will be called for now on) will meet code for my purpose's and for the future.

With the assurance that I would have a third sink the reality of Oh My Gosh this is really happening hit. I am trying very hard not to panic, to keep a level head, be realistic, and practical. I spent a lot of time last week going through the yellow pages and on web sites researching kitchen equipment companies, food suppliers etc. This week I went to a kitchen supply store and bought a few hundred dollars worth of smallwares. I don't know if this happens to you but as soon as I walk into a kitchen supply store I have to go to the bathroom. I think it must be the excitement of a shinny soup ladle, or the thrill of a big stock pot. Some might see work when they look at kitchen supplies. I look at the shelves and shelves of kitchen supplies and I just see so much potential. When I was at camp in the summer I went into the walk in refrigerator just after a food delivery had come. I turned to the camp director (who for now on will be called Gonzo, don't ask, just go with it) and said "isn't this a beautiful sight. I just love a full fridge, I want to start cooking right away." I think she thought I was a little off. Some women get excited with a new sparkling diamond but if you want to get my heart racing give me a new shinny stand alone mixer! Now that is a beautiful sight. But I digress.

The man (Paul) that helped me Nella Cutlery (where I bought most of my small wares) was great and he also recommend a uniform shop for aprons and a money belt that I needed. He also told me about a grocery store that I would like. It is owned by Loblaws and is called Canadian Wholesale Club. I went there after I was finished with him and spent some time looking around, writing down prices and I bought some of my paper products there. I plan to go to Costco today and do some comparison shopping as Costco is close to me and this Canadian Wholesale Club is about a half hour away in good traffic. My dinning room table is piling up with stuff. (exciting eh!)

Yesterday I went over to the school to drop off the little ones medication for the school year, new Epi-pens, puffers for her Asthma, Tylenol for her headaches etc.... Also I wanted to have a look at the kitchen to see if anything has happened yet. When I walked into the office the principal and office staff had big smiles on there faces and where proud to let me know I have a SINK!!! I went to have a look and I wish in all my excitement I had remembered to take a picture for you all so you to can marvel at my new very shinny hand washing sink. It's really a beautiful thing.

Also yesterday I asked the teenager to make me up some advertising poster I can put up around the school, so I am off to Staples today to get some photocopying done. While I was cleaning the bathrooms yesterday (yes even a important business women as myself still must stay grounded by cleaning toilets :( ) I came up with the idea of offering a free soup and sandwich lunch for staff one day this week at the school. I called the school and all I said was the word FREE and they were in I didn't even need to sell my idea. So it is set for this Thursday I will serve soup and make sandwiches for staff, approximately 40 people. I thought this might be a good way of advertising to the staff who will then let the students know about me, also hopefully win some of the staff over who are not always open to new things. And the biggie for me it would give me a practice run to see if what I have planned in my head will run smoothly in the actual kitchen.

Last night I spoke on the phone to my Aunt Penny (who also is self employed) and we chatted about what was new and all. She mentioned she has a client/friend who opened a pizza/sub shop in Guelph and perhaps he could give me some pointers. Later in the evening I spoke to Jim. the pizza/subshop owner. He told me about some grocery stores that are in my area that are a good place for buying deli meat. It was also nice to have a person that has been in the food industry all his adult life affirm to me that what I have done so far and what my plans are for the future are well thought out and reasonable. That affirmation really helped me sleep better last night and calm some of the nerves.

So whats next: Today I will head to Costco and Staples and I also need to buy the food supplies for tomorrow. I will either today or Friday go back to Nella cutlery to exchange the food warmer I bought as after I read the instruction it is not what I need after all. I have already spoke to Paul the salesman and he has what I need waiting for me.

Well bencher this might be my last post under the topic Looking for Employment. I am excited, nervous, panicky hopeful, all at the same time.


  1. Way to go!!!!! Oh successful one.
    This is just so perfect for you. Perfect hours perfect enviroment perfect clients perfect JOB.
    It is all coming together for a perfect lunch!
    Iam with you all the way,cherring you on in the distance.
    Love You

  2. I've only been following your blog for a very short time, but I have to say... I'm so very excited for you! You're going to do GREAT! You go girl!

  3. Thanks Mommie, and I got your email cheques in the mail. (isn't that what the self employed say when anyone asks for money?)

    Welcome Cherly to our bench. I hope you are enjoying your time 'at the park'. And thank you so much for the encouragment. I go from out of my mind excited to what the heck am I thinking no body will like my food. I and my fellow benchers look forward to reading your comments (good or bad) and sharing in all the fun we have At the Park.
    Come back and talk to us soon we have saved you a spot on the bench

  4. Oh by the way Cheryl just so you know how much we at the park love our followers. When I noticed we had a new follower I sent an email to the others and sat at the dinner table with my kids singn We Have a New Follower, We Have a New Follower. The teenager asked me if I thought Jesus sang the same song everytime someone decided to follow him. Ever the funny girl she is.

  5. Well, isn't it our life's mission to let God work through us so that maybe we can bring joy or aid to others. That sounds like music to my ears!!!!!

  6. Carolin I am so incrdibly proud of you and so very happy for you. I know that you will be more than successful and I commend you for challenging yourself and overcomming your fears. You are today and always have been a winner. I know that your future is bright. Have fun tomorrow and enjoy every moment even the ones that you will spend working. For tomorrow you will be working for yourself, how incredible is that.
    Also, to our new follower Cheryl, I did get Carolin's e-mail about you joining us and we are all so are so pleased to have you on the bench. Welcome and we look forward to talking with you.

  7. Thanks for the warm welcome! It's nice to be here.

  8. I'm getting so excited for you. How did the lunch at school go?