Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Dancing with the stars (season # 9)

. Dancing with the Stars

Well everyone one of my favourite shows has started again. It didn't use to be something that I enjoyed watching until probably the last two seasons or so. It is so amazing to see how these starts improve and transform into graceful dancers.

All of these people, dancers and stars look great and play hard.

Tonight is double elimination night. One of the girls and one of the guys will be eliminated

Participating men

Aaron Carter Singer
Mark Dacascos host of Iron Chef
Tom Delay Politician
Ashley Hamilton Actor/Comedian
Michael Irwin NFL Hall Of Famer
Chuck Liddell UFC champion and Hall of Famer
Donny Osmond Entertainer
Louie Vito World Champion Snow Boarder

Participating Women

Natalie Coughlin Olympic Gold Metal Swimmer
Macy Gray Grammy Award Winner Singer
Melissa Joan Hart TV Actress (Sabrina The Teen-Age Witch)
Kathy Ireland Supermodel & Fashion Designer
Joanna Krupa Supermodel
Debi Mazar Actress
Mya Grammy Award Winning Singer/Actress
Kelly Osborne Singer/Reality TV Star

Some of my favourites over the last two nights were, Joanna, Mya and Kelly for the women and Donny and Louie for the men.

Cathy you should watch because we all know how much you love Donny.


  1. I am not a faithful watcher of these shows. But I will try to make an effort so I can watch Donny and I would also like to see Macy Gray as I have always liked her.

  2. Well, it's no secret that I still like Donny. I know he is on, however, I work Monday nights and the pvr is storing, 'House', and 'Castle'. So, I will wish him good luck and stay tuned for your updates to see how he is doing.

    On another reality note, we are watching, 'Survivor'. So far it seems a little different from past years. We all watch together on thursday nights, with popcorn.

    Back to DWTS, I also like Macy Gray, so I wish her well, too.

  3. I'm back hopfully to stay!
    This is a program that I ususlly do not watch. However this year with Chuck Liddell My grandson said he would like to watch it. I myself have always been a fan of Donny Osmond. So we will watch it when the men dance. We watched it on Monday evening but not on Tue or last night. Tell me are both of these guys still on the show.