Thursday, September 10, 2009

My First Day on the Job

I made it through my first day of being self employed.

To tell you the truth it wasn't that hard. Because it was so slowwwww. The little one and I arrived about 7:40 AM. I started unpacking and putting things away. Then went to work on getting the soup in the warmer and cutting up the fruit for Kabobs. I was very disappointed with the fruit as the watermelon, cantaloupe and pineapple were all over ripe and not very good. I ended up having to compost 90% of it. I then went around the high school side of the school and put up signs for the soup of the day. Talk to a few students which made me a little nervous as I don't know most of these kids.

At 10:30 AM the department head came in to the kitchen as asked that I come to the assembly briefly for an introduction and they would pump the kitchen to the kids for me. I also had a few staff come up to me saying "I didn't realize you were open already". The same routine happened with the Junior Highs at 11:30 AM. After the assemblies I had a number of students stopping by and asking questions and could hear them talking to each other. Lunch came around and I had two preorders and I also made up some sandwiches for the walk ins.

But sadly there were know walk ins and besides the two preorder and then the principal coming in for his lunch that was it! I tried to keep myself busy and not get to upset. I worked on a announcement that will be sent home with the students today. There were many times through out the long afternoon that I wanted to cry and questioned myself. "What have I done, I'm a failure, I judged this all wrong, etc" . I had to keep talking to myself and trying to stay optimistic and think about the next day.

Near the end of the day I had a HS boy come in and ask if there was any freezies left. He purchased one and then another student came by for a freezie, then another. Close to the end of the day the husband came and helped to start taking supplies to the car. As we were leaving the HS department head stopped us and we talked about how it went today. I stayed upbeat and said "good" and then told him about the flyer that will go home with the kids. He said that was great and that the staff have been fielding questions through out the day. And they thought it would be a good idea if at homeroom in the mornings they ask students if anyone is preordering there lunch that day. The homeroom teachers would then collect the preorders and I would pick them up from the office each morning. That offer was very encouraging and I pray that it works.

Once we got home and unloaded supplies. I spoke to the teenager about her day and we went over this flyer I wanted. She said she would design and reword it for me that night on the computer. Maybe I should pay her a $1.00 so she can't take it away from me if she gets mad again.

I then got in the car and drove to the wholesale grocery store to pick up a few things and talk to them about the policy on the bad fruit. I am told the next time I go to purchase the fruit it will be at no charge. I didn't buy any last night as I new it would be sitting in my hot car for 4 hours and didn't think that would be a good idea but Sunday I will go and buy fresh food and hopefully not a have a problem.

I then proceeded to a Tax Seminar. It was close to 4 hours long!!!! The first 2 1/2 hours were informative but near the end I was getting tired and bored. It did answer some of my questions about charging tax and having it included in the price for convenient to the students etc. The facilitators went over how to file, when to file etc. Then near the end they talked about the new tax that starts July 1, 2010. That is when our two separate taxs (provincial and federal) will be combined to one single tax. For a small business it will be beneficial as we only have to collect, track and submit one tax. And we pay tax on all our purchases but we all so can claim any tax we pay back. For the consumer on the other hand it will cost you more in the end. The governments theory is prices will go down with the new tax system but the consensus from the group of people who attended last night was a big fat NO. I guess only time will tell.

I am glad I went to the tax seminar cause that meant I didn't have to talk to anyone last night and explain just how slow it was. I didn't have to fake being all bright and cheerful when all I really wanted to do was climb into bed and feel sorry for myself. Once again God knows what is best for me and though I am not clear what his plans are for today or even tomorrow I will try to do what he wants of me.

I got home close to 11:00 pm and then worked on the flyer and sent it to the school office to be printed. It is now 6:30 in the morning I have been up for about an hour and working on keeping myself positive for another day. I got to stay positive, and look for ways to pump the kitchen to the students. Please pray for me cause I need it!


  1. Carolin, my poor frazzled friend, Rome was not built in a day and it's just going to take a day or two for your culinary genius to catch on around the school. You're going to do just fine. Once your fliers go home and parents know you're there with nutritious lunches and snacks I'm sure you're going to get very busy. And once the high school kids catch on, you'll do great! I'm rooting for you!


  2. You are doing everything right and you are brilliant. The school is just slow on their end. I am sure that by the beginning of next week, you will busy and trying to keep up witht he demands. A little prayer never hurts so you have that on your side too from many of your friends.