Sunday, September 6, 2009

Annual Labour Day Weekend BBQ

So, here we are at my home. We are full from dinner and are now enjoying dessert. The kids and two husbands are playing the board game, Risk. One husband is watching golf and nascar on the television. So, here we are, ready to blog.

We are missing Louise and her kids. We love her and are looking forward to when we can next get together.

I recently bought one of Sandi Richard's cookbooks called, "The Family Dinner Fix". I have shopped for the first week following the grocery list for week one. I have read the recipes to my family and we are going to try the ten weeks and see how it goes. I love to cook, however, I also love to try new meal ideas. I have watched her show and have made my own meal plans and the whole idea of meal plans really works great!

Cathy is still rambling about menu planning. I say this but I can tell you this past week has been crazy busy and I have cooked only what came out of a box or can. SAD! I better get my act together or we will be eating left over soup and sandwiches for the rest of our lives. Yesterday after my running around I came home so the teenager could go to work. The husband was on the golf course again :(. I made two pies, it felt good to bake. I haven't made a pie in a long, long time.

All our kids are here, including the teenager. She came a little later with the boyfriend but he had to leave early for work. At this time there is a group playing risk and others playing video games and the three of us are yakking about when we dated as teenagers.

Now the topic has changed about some friend of Cathy's son who is 'active' and has been with two different girls. And the question is, does our attitude change when we find out a girl we have always thought of as sweet and then we find out they are sexually active? Are they no longer considered sweet? And do we look at a teenage boy who is sexually active the same way we look at the sexually active girls? This whole sexual activity with teens is a tough one and as a mother of a teen girl all I can say is do your best to keep the lines of communication open. It is very hard, I will admit I screw up on a regular basis but I hope we can make it through the teen years with the first one, only to start again with the little one.

I feel that active or not a sweet girl is still sweet. It has been a great day with lots of great food and friends. Thanks so much to Cathy and her family. Its been a busy weekend painting around the house and fixing things up. With my oldest being on crutches, this has changed our plans for the last few days of summer. We have been home bound but that's OK too. Family time is pretty important and we enjoy it and its even better when Mr. Sunshine is home to enjoy it with us. Well with the start of the school season comes even more schedules and agendas to meet. I am also looking forward to the start of some fall shows. I have not watched that much TV all summer. Have a great Labour Day and good luck with all of the kids starting the first day of school. Louise I was looking forward to catching up with you and the kids. I hope that things are good and I wish you a good start to the school year. (Chin up things can seem cloudy but there is always a silver lining sometimes you just have to believe and take a second look).

I to am looking forward to the start of the school year but also very nervous about the how the next few months will play out. I hope Louise and her family had fun at the EX. We never made it this year but there is always next year. Have a great rest of the Labour Day Long Weekend.

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