Sunday, September 6, 2009

Annual Labour Day Weekend BBQ- the real story!

We just read our blog about our BBQ and we found it very boring! We attribute it to too many homemade mojitos and fresh homemade strawberry daiquiri's! Now that we are no longer in our nice buzz stage we can tell you what really happened.

First of all, our lovely dinner menu included: various kinds of BBQ sausage, with all the trimmings. Two types of potato salad, one with egg and one without, ( for Cathy ). Sunshine made a green salad and brought spinach dip with veggies. Carolin made two strawberry-rhubarb pies and brought ice cream for the kids.

We also think we didn't talk much before because we were too full!

We sat around in the backyard and chatted while the kids were swimming in the pool. The tunes were going and the sun was shining. We had wasp killing contests!!! What is with all the wasps this summer? We even have the fake wasp nests, one purchased and two made with a paper bag. Sunshine says we have smart wasps as they ignored the fake nests.

We just have to say that one of the highlights of our day was watching Carolin interact with her teenager and Dilbert, ( the boyfriend ). You can see why she is so nervous as they are so touchy, feely. Brought back memories from when we were teenagers and so in love with our boyfriends. We are more embarrassed now thinking back on how we ourselves acted at the same age.

We watched in horror......... let's set the stage. First the teenager was angry because Carolin did not pack any veggie dogs. So the teenager and Dilbert filled their plates and came outside and sat in one corner of the yard where there were two Muskoka chairs set up. As the other ten of us were sitting around the patio table, Carolin comes out and takes her fold up soccer mom chair, drags it across the yard and plops herself down facing the teenager and Dilbert! So they ate and chatted for a while.

So, now the teenager and Dilbert go inside for seconds and Cathy comes out. Cathy sees Carolin sitting all by herself with her back to everyone else. Cathy goes over to sit with Carolin and is promptly rejected! Carolin told Cathy that the teenager and Dilbert were coming back so Cathy was not allowed to sit there! (Carolin) I don't think I was rude to Cathy but I had truly thought they would come back and finish the conversation we were in. Cathy here, I didn't think you were rude. And you with teenage girls all know if I hadn't saved the chairs and let Cathy dare sit in one of them, the teenager would have been in another snit cause I gave her chair away. So really I can't f%$^&*@ WIN!

Cathy does as she is told and goes to join all the others at the patio table. Carolin is now sitting by herself with her back to us all! The teenager and Dilbert come out with their plates full again of peanut butter sandwiches and they decide to sit together on the steps by the door rather than returning to the saved seats. Well, Carolin is not amused! So, she once again picks up her soccer mom chair, drags it all the way across the yard and plops herself down in front of the two teenagers! All we could do is laugh! They laugh as all I want to do is smack that child of mine from here to next week. I didn't think I raised such a self absorbed child but I guess I am wrong. Plus they have know idea how she spoke to me. Cause I for some crazy reason feel I have to hide the real teenager and not let everyone else see that she treats her mother like crap.

There were many more fun times, but we really do not want to pick on Carolin! The risk game is still in progress and Cathy's teenager has taken his telescope out to look at the full moon, the nascar race is still on. As I write this the husband has just got home seems Cathy and Sunshine's kids ganged up on him and took him down. Yeah for the kids!

It is really nice that we can all get together, kids and all, and have good times! This all might seem a little confusing but after we posted the first BBQ blog, myself, the teenager and the little one drove home. So I was in bed when I got the call about the newest BBQ blog. Now to add insult to injury with the teenager, as we were driving home I kept saying the headlights don't seem to be on. Are you sure you have the light on? She, of course in her most pleasant voice told me yes, while under her breath called me something not so pleasant. When we got home I asked her to show me where she has the headlights set to. She only had on the parking lights! And then tried to argue with me that if she turns the headlights on like I said to, then she would have the high beams on. When I tried to tell her No, the high beams are turned on by another switch and you can tell when they are on cause a blue light shows up on the dashboard. She got in a huff stomped away and left me standing outside.

Yes, Cathy and her family hosted a wonderful day. What is crazy is if the teenager was not there I would of missed her but when she is there she is rude and fustrates the crap out of me. I just say to the rest of my fellow bloggers, just wait, your teenagers are still easy! Wait another year or two!


  1. Carolin I feel really bad. We were only having some fun with you and you were certainelly not rude at all. I think that it is actually quite a beautiful thing to see how much you will go out of your way to try and please your teenager and to just try and get along like civilized people and to be treated like a loving mother wouold be even better. You love her so much and it really shows. That is to be commended. Teenagers go through phases that although it is not fair and not right to their mothers, it really is only a phase. She is a wonderful girl and you have done an outstanding job. What is unfortunate is that the rest of the world gets to experience how great she is and mothers for a while and for no apparent reason get the raw end of the deal. I don't know why things have to be so difficult for mothers of daughters in particular. I can only tell you that if my mom were here I would hug her and thank her for putting up with the three of us daughters. We were all teenagers at the same time and I know that it was definatelly not easy for her but I can tell you today that I admire my mom as one of the most precious people who have ever touched my life. I would call her today my hero and my mentor.

  2. Sunshine, I know exactly how you feel. But I think we have to be adults before we can really appreciate our moms and everything they did for us.

    Carolin, hang in there. The teenager will be just fine. All we can do is teach them right from wrong and hope that they listen. Just keep doing what you're doing. Just love her.