Sunday, September 13, 2009

The Little One Meets Her Author Hero

Hopefully a you will remember a few blogs ago, when I talked about the little ones obsession with the book titled No Time For Goodbye, by Linwood Barclay. Well this past Sunday the husband and I took the little one to the Mississauga Literary Festival. She was so excited to meet him.

Let me tell you how we met him, because as in my usual fashion I can't do it gracefully.

We got to the Living Arts Centre about 15 minutes before Mr. Barcley was due to speak. I had to go to the washroom and was about to walk in the ladies washroom when I saw this guy walk out of the men's washroom. He looked very familiar so I made a U turn and went back to the little one and started flipping through her book to the back where the authors picture is. When the man saw me he finished drying his hands and looked around for somewhere to toss the paper towel. Buy that time the little one had seen him and had a big smile on her face as she recognized him wright away.

He was very gracious and talked to the little one and signed her book. By this time his handler was trying to get him upstairs so he could begin his talk. But then two press people for the library came over and they wanted to take pictures of the two of them for... actually I don't know what it was for. The husband signed the release and I never asked. Then I realized I needed to take a picture, so I dug around in the massive backpack I carry when the little one is with me. Finally I found the camera and tried to take a couple of shots. I am not very camera smart and it took me three tries to get the one shot as I kept pressing the power button instead of the 'take a picture' button.

Mr. Barcley was very patient with me, and we all eventually made it to the second floor to listen to his 20 minute talk (was supposed to be 30 minutes) but it seemed he was running late!

Gosh, guy gets a best seller and then time doesn't seem to matter anymore. :) the little one is thrilled with her personal autographed book.


  1. That is the coolest thing. The little one looks so happy. You are a great mom for doing this for her. It will be something that she vill always remember. I remember when Robert Munsch the children's author came to our school to read to the children. It was amazing. I quickelly went home and to the store after the assembly and got some books. Then I went to the school to hunt him down and although he was having his lunch he was so gracious. He invited me in and signed my three books. I was so thrilled and so were the kids. Everytime I think about that day it makes me smile. His story Love You Forever is my favourite children's story. I recentelly gave it as a baby shower gift a few weeks ago. I think that every new mother should have a copy of this book. The girl that I gave it too, hugged the book, and said that it was the very first book that her kindergarden teacher read to her many years ago.

  2. It's so neat to know that dreams can come true! the little one will have that smile on her face and in her heart for a long while. I share that smile with her.

  3. I am so pleased that the little one got to see one of her heros. The title of the book make me cry I think I will order it from the library.
    The picture is fine because I wouldn't even recognize her. Hope you have a better picture of the two of then for her.
    Love You