Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Day One on New Shift

Carol in Calgary says, "just do it!" So, ok, today when I came home I drank a glass of water and went downstairs and did a thirty minute workout with my Nintendo Wii. I was really hungry afterward so I ate two slices of leftover pizza and some bbq potato chips. Huh!

Tomorrow will be better yet. How many days to become a habit?


  1. 20...the magic mnumber is 21 days in a row to form a habit, whether it be good or bad. How was the new shift? Am I looking forward to this in October, or will it have changed by then??

    Oh, and good job on the Wii. Every journey starts with but one step.

  2. Ok, so let the countdown begin! As for the new shift...bad and good. It's just too darn early! And yes, you will experience the pleasure this October! lol!