Friday, April 15, 2011

Catch Up Fridays

(Cathy) Hey Sunshine..... where are you? Sunshine and I have been playing phone tag for a few days. It's shocking to think that we have not really had a good long chat since she's come back from Hawaii! I am so grateful for this blog so we can stay in touch as life seems to be moving along at a clip! I also love it as I can keep up with my girlfriend, Carol, in Calgary. So everyone...should I join Curves or not? That is my question for the week. I work a four hour shift in the morning and was thinking I could just go to Curves straight after work. I would then exercise for 30 minutes and go home. Is it worth the money? From what I can find online the cost is about $40/month plus a $150 start up fee? Would this be better for me than walking the dog for 30 minutes/day (when I walk him) and there is gardening starting up. I also have the Wii Fit, however, it continues to send me dirty looks as I look at it instead of working with it! Would I use Curves or would I stop after a while? I know only I have the answer to that one! I am thinking because I am driving straight there after work that I will go. If I were to go home first..... well there is the pull to sit and enjoy a cup of tea; one of my great pleasures! Where will my willpower come from? I do not want to wait for a "health event" to force me to comply. I want to avoid that consequence and I am trying not to take my health for granted. I am a Gemini.... I know, say no more.....please help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Carolin) I have read your blog yesterday and today and Cathy I am pretty sure I have burned a few thousand calories. Holy exhausting go if you want to go, don't go if you don't want. But just make a decision and don't analyzed to death. If you go you could meet some new people which might be nice for all of us (jokes). Why Curves? Why not the rec centre or other fitness places. I would think the rec centre would be cheaper and during the day it would be filled with women or old men mostly. (Sunshine) Hello everyone. Cathy, any exercise is good for you. As long as you start somewhere and continue doing something. You are at a good place in your life. You are young and healthy and you want to stay that way and you have the good insight to find a positive way to continue that road of healthy living. I personally think that you are the kind of person that will get good use out of a membership because I really do believe that if you pay for it, then you will force yourself to use it. Also, I really think that if you pay for it, then hubby will certainly hound you to make sure that you go on a consistent basis. Take the plunge!!!!! It is going to be a rainy weekend. On a positive note, only two more months of work until summer vacation. I am so looking forward to being off. Carolin, are you off for the summer or are you filling every moment with work? Everyone here is dong well. Mr Sunshine is home after being away for two weeks minus about 12 hours so I am in a really good mood. Easter is around the corner and it looks like it will be a very busy weekend. Carolin I know that you are in for Good Friday annual fish and chips outing. Cathy I am still a little bit unsure if you are definitely joining us or not. How about Louise, has anyone talked to her? The next two weeks at work will be short weeks because of Good Friday and Easter Monday. yay!!! Have a great weekend everyone!!!!!!!


  1. Cathy...just do it! What's the worse that will happen if you sign up? You end up not liking it and you discontinue the membership (a friend of mine did that here in Calgary). I also have to work out right after work. Sitting is not an option, otherwise I don't get back up. But you know I prefer the great outdoors to working out inside. On that note, I did see that Survivor Bootcamp is opening in Brampton in May. You should check it out - I totally LOVE IT!! But then again, I am a bit on the sick and twisted side.

  2. How do you know bootcamp is starting up here??? I think it would be the end of me to join bootcamp. I lose a bit of life just reading about your bootcamp sessions!!!!!! Sick and twisted, hmmmmm.

    I think this week I will drop in at Curves and see what the deal is. I will also check out Parks and Rec. Too bad we don't get a discount as the older one works for Parks and Rec.

    Sunshine, I know we are playing phone tag again. We are good for Good Friday. I am just not sure of how many of us will be attending. I will let you know. Will you call Louise?