Friday, April 22, 2011

Catchup Fridays

(Sunshine) Today is Good Friday. We are meeting later for fish and chips. Today's venue will be at a Golf Course and there is a modest crowd of 27 of us. Unfortunately, Louise and her kids will not be able to join us this year.

For a short week, it seemed really long to me. Work was busy and life at home is busy as well. This weekend we will be at my brother in law's for Easter on Saturday and at my sister's on Sunday. I am off the hook and loving every minute of it. (Cathy) Good for you! You deserve to just go and enjoy for a change. Although, you did clean the house for all your visitors on Good Friday. Which, by the way was a great time! The food was great and the location was beautiful! Thanks again to Mr. Sunshine for making all of the arrangements. The fish was very good Mr. Sunshine.

My sister in law and her Hubby arrived from Paris just in time to join us all for Good Friday dinner. They had a great time and enjoyed meeting everyone. Maybe, they will drive out from B.C. to join us again next year! (Carolin) I think it is so cool that you can be eating breakfast in Gay Paris (as happy and cheerful) and then traditional Good Friday fare in a small town outside of Toronto. Our younger one was at his girlfriend's for dinner. Saturday he will have some friends over for homemade pizza and pop. We will have Easter dinner at my parent's home on Sunday.

Sounds like you two got out of cleaning and cooking this weekend, lucky you. I, on the other hand will have 17 for dinner on Sunday. I am cleaning and cooking. What are you cooking? Ham, roast chicken and scalloped potatoes. Oh yeah and two lemon meringue pies. The guests are bringing the rest.

I enjoy my conversations with Teen Sunshine yesterday and wish I tape recorded it. I love all the dreams and enthusiasm she has for what she would like to do in the future. I wish I could bottle that up and be able to give back to her and all the other teens I chat with everyday. Some of these dreamers will have their dreams come true, others will follow their plans and then realize it really wasn't their dream after all. Others will have life get in the way and their dreams will change. But I would like to take that bottle of dreams and enthusiasm and sprinkle it on them over the years when they feel discouraged, frustrated and just tired. That was so beautifully said!

I start my new shift this Tuesday. The alarm will go off at 4:00am. Oh, well, it's work. Keep it quiet would you when you are getting ready for work in the middle of the night, some of us will still be sleeping. (I promise to do my best, lol!)

It is a busy weekend for us as it both boys birthdays, Easter, and Earth Day. I hope it doesn't snow! Happy birthday boys!
Happy Easter everyone!!!!!!!!

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