Friday, April 29, 2011

Day Four of Twenty-One

It's my day off and I spent it watching the Royal Wedding. What a beautiful wedding gown! Everyone looked really nice. Kate's sister looked stunning in her gown as well. It was a beautiful ceremony.

Just to recap, (if you read, "Catch Up Fridays"), for breakfast I enjoyed scrambled eggs with chili and toast with a cup of tea. For lunch I made oatmeal with a cup of berries; oh, and a cup of tea. I did drink two glasses of water as well. Dinner is bbq'd chicken with salad.

In between lunch and dinner I exercised for 46 minutes on my Wii. I let the Wii configure a 30 minute workout mixing both yoga and strength exercises. I do not like the plank! After I did about 15 minutes of aerobics.

It does feel good and I hope I continue.
On to day five!

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