Thursday, April 28, 2011

Day Three of Twenty One

When the alarm went off this morning I thought of many reasons not to get up. I finally sucked it up and off to work I went. What a messy morning....lots of cancelled flights and frustrated passengers. (As an aside, do any of you think airline workers should be deemed an essential service?) As a result of being super busy there was no time to take a break. Time passed quickly and boy was I hungry when I got home. I ate a slice of pizza, a brownie and a cup of tea! Yummy! (not very good for loosing weight though) Instead of exercising I fell asleep on the couch for three hours. Yech! I shook myself awake and ate some trail mix with a glass of milk. That's healthy, isn't it?
The older one had to be picked up at school after band practice. I was very proud of myself because when I came back home I worked out on the Wii for 45 minutes! I found out that I could program a streamlined workout with both yoga and strength training. It was actually fun! I then did about ten minutes of aerobics. I have to start wearing a pedometer again at work as I would like to see how many steps I take with this new shift. I can add "fit credits" to the Wii.

Dinner was bbq'd chili dogs, home fries and salad. It was really good; Hubby put it all together. I only had a small helping using a luncheon plate rather than filling a dinner plate.

I'm off for the next two days. Looking forward to sleeping in tomorrow. Is anyone going to get up early to watch the wedding? I think I will PVR it and watch it when I get up!


  1. I'll watch it tomorrow night...sadly my job insists I be there instead!! I suppose if I had received an actual invite! I worked nights for Charles & Diana's, so just came home and turned the TV on. Such a different life now.

    Rule #1 is never sit on the's the Devil and will suck you in every time!!

    Good job on fitting the exercise in. And after 21 days, you'll find it's just automatic. Really...

  2. Cathy, I had to make sure that this was your post. It was strange to here you talk so much about food and exercise in such a way. Don't be so hard on yourself and remember that every effort makes a difference.