Friday, April 1, 2011

Catch Up Fridays

(Cathy) Hi ladies! I am so glad this week is over! It was shift bid week and you know how stressful that is for all of us! Well, let's just say that the shifts continue to degrade. This will be life for the next six months: I will work five days with Friday and Saturday off. The shift is from 5:30am until 9:45am! Even less sleep! I will have to wake up at 4am! Ugh! (Sunshine) Sorry to here about that Cathy. I know how much we all love working five days a week, sucks!!! We are in birthday party mode as little Miss Sunshine has just turned 11. It is party weekend for Saturday and Sunday and Friday was her friends party. I am tired already just thinking about it. My sister in law had her baby last week. She is so cute and so small and everyone is doing well. (Carolin) Congratulations to all All is well around here, nothing new or different. Mr Sunshine is away all next week, so I am preparing myself for a busy and very moody week. Well I hope that I can control the moodiness so that the girls don't have to deal with it. I am usually pretty good until closer to the end of the week. That is usually when my exhaustion and frustration start to kick in, just before his plane lands. I think that your body instinctively knows that it can start to relax again and you finally start to feel what you have been suppressing all week. I suppose the good thing is that my period should hopefully be over by then as I have had it know for about 15 days. Pre menopause fun wow!!!!! I know, I knwo TMI!!!!!! 15 days! What the heck kinda crap is that? I got to the little ones Art Class early to pick her up so I thought I would spend the time doing some work. I am sitting in my car talking to a supplier trying to get some food prices for a Fundraiser Dinner next week. When this guy parks in front of me and gets out of his car I think wow that guy looks like Cathy's hubby. Well as he gets closer low and behold it is him. Seems his son in at the same art class. I couldn't get off the phone so Cathy went and got the little one for me, Thanks Cathy. In the car driving home and asking the little one if she recognized anyone at art class. Her friends from church Sam and Jasmine are back and yes she saw Cathy's son but she said they didn't talk. And then she said there was a girl standing beside her and she looked familiar so she asked her if they went to the same school? Seems they do and this girl is in grade 4 but she didn't know her name. I asked the little one how she felt being so popular and knowing so many people. She said she liked it. Have a great weekend everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. I only was able to mouth a hello to Carolin as she was very very busy doing business!!! It's so cool to see her in action!

    Please wish Little Miss Sunshine a happy birthday from all of us here!

    15 days!!!!!!!!!! Unreal!!!

    I'm ready to go out for dinner again. When is the next Friday that we can all get together???

  2. Well, our annual Good Friday fish and chips dinner is around the corner. Is everyone up for it???