Friday, March 25, 2011

Catch Up Fridays

(Cathy) Welcome back Sunshine! How was your vacation? Do you have photos?

(Sunshine) Hello everyone. I missed you all very much. Our vacation was amazing. We had a great time. The weather was beautiful. I love Hawaii! It is always warm and sunny with a gentle breeze and virtually no bugs. We lathered on the sun screen but we still got burnt and are all pealing except for Little Miss Sunshine. She has great colour and tanned beautifully. The tsunami part of the vacation was a little tense. It was the first night that we arrived and our resort was originally going to be evacuated by 2:00a.m. But then we were downgraded to only evacuation to higher ground within the resort itself, 3rd floor and above. The swimming pool and lagoon and all beaches on the island were closed on the following day mostly due to clean up of debris. We were on the Kona side of the island and certain areas within Kona were affected much more than we were. A short ten minute drive along the coast and you could see what was affected. Three days after the tsunami hit there were still store windows boarded up, trees in the ocean and a house floating in the ocean. This was the only area that we actually saw effects of the tsunami, although I am sure that there were many others. The crazy thing is that the news was reporting that they were glad that the tsunami was arriving at nighttime because it would be pitch black with nothing to see. Apparently, if it was approaching during daylight there would be big problems with people wanting to get close enough to see what was happening and most likely there would be some severe injuries. As the news was reporting this at about 1:45 am you could see someone on their bike riding by the shore on the beach that the camera was shooting. People can be curiously crazy.

Well, the rest of the vacation was great. I could feel a sense of calm and relaxation as soon as I started swimming in the salt water ocean and the sun hit my face! We really did have a wonderful time. On the way back, we spent two night in San Francisco. It is architecturally such a beautiful city. The cable cars are a little crazy though. Do you know that they manually turn each car at the end of the line in order to go back up the mountain? We had a great time!

Cathy, you would be proud of us. We travelled to LA with carry on luggage only.(yeah!) I had no clothes on vacation with me but we accomplished your goal. The rest of the trip, Mr Sunshine was not as concerned about loss of luggage so we checked our luggage on the next flight and both times on the way home. They did however take my bananas in Hawaii and would not let them on the plane to San Francisco. Strangely enough from San Francisco to Toronto, they let me keep the bananas and the apples and took a water bottle that we had forgotten was in our carryon bag. Little Miss Sunshine had to go through the body scan machine in Toronto and the rest of the trip was pretty easy. Thanks for all of your great tips Cathy!

Well, I was back to work this week and it feels as though I never left. Talk about sucking the vacation feeling right out of someone. As usual, it was drama, drama and more drama. Oh well, the work week is over and I am looking forward to the weekend.

OK, to change the subject. I have stepped on the scale and I realize I have "20" pounds to lose!!!
Where did they come from? I think my metabolism has come to a complete halt! So, I have determined that I cannot be trusted to "just do it" on my own. I try for a day and then the next life gets in the way..... or the couch. I get it has to be me, but can't someone come and be me for the next three months so that I can make a habit stick, please! (Carolin) Welcome to the other side Cathy. We have lots of room on our couch.

Well I am at the end of the my March Break :( . It has been a nice two weeks. The little one and I did a few day trips and on Wednesday we went to see, "Billy Elliot," with my mom. It was very good and we all enjoyed it. Then we met my aunt and went for dinner. The weather was very nasty and we had a mini blizzard so I didn't get home on Wednesday till close to 10:00 pm. The little one spent the night at her Grandma's house for the first time.

I went to work yesterday to set up and I had a delivery coming. But really all I did was clean up the kitchen from others who had used it during the break. What a mess! I don't understand, how people can just leave it they way they did! Floors were covered in food and spilled juice, counters had leftover food and dishes on them. One of the fridges was full of half eaten food. It had all been there for close to a week! Thank goodness my staff and I had locked everything we could think of or my stuff would have been used or taken. I guess it doesn't matter if you are a regular church goer or not, some people are just disrespectful pigs!

On a happier note, the teenager got herself a full time summer job. She is pretty excited and even though she won't give me the credit, I am taking some of it anyway. I was the one who told her to apply and how to apply. She will be working for the city (yeah, I know she already works for the city) but this summer job would be with the parks and maintenance division. She applied for numerous jobs on the weekend, they sent a email requesting an interview on Tuesday. She went for the interview Wednesday morning and they called Thursday afternoon! She said it helped that she new one of the interviewers from one of the pools she works at. Also, when she went into work Wednesday night her boss told her he had got a reference check about her. She does not know what her position will be yet. They told her the head horticulturist will call her next week as they have a couple areas they would like her to work. She is pretty excited.!Congratulations!

Have a great weekend everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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