Thursday, June 17, 2010

Thursdays on the Bench

(Sunshine) CATHY WHERE ARE YOU???????

(Cathy) Hi all! I am really looking forward to Friday. So what did I do with my week? Absolutely nothing! I thought of a lot of things to do and did none of them. Next week will be better, (I hope and pray it will be better) I still have to fight with myself to get stuff done and not to sit around drinking copious amounts of tea. Stop your moping Cathy, yes I know it was your birthday and hubby is away but look at this time as a time to enjoy. Do what you want, cook what you want or even better don't cook! If you want to sit around reading books drinking tea go for it and don't feel guilty about. Enjoy, Enjoy, Enjoy. Cathy, why don't you just call me when you feel like that? You may actually catch me at home from now until September. Hey, that's right.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY CATHY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thank-you!!!! It feels good to be 37........ again! What ever, Cathy! The folks took the boys and I out to the Mandarin for lunch. I told the boys to eat up as I would not be cooking dinner!

Wow, what a busy day it was yesterday. I woke up, took a shower and got ready for work. Then dropped off Miss Teen Sunshine at school. Back home again to pack a lunch for Little Miss Sunshine and drove her over to her school. I dropped her off and headed to work. Worked my shift and went to the bathroom to change and make myself presentable as I had a funeral to go to. My sister picked me up at work and we went to pick up my dad. The funeral was in the east end so traffic was crazy. We got there and met my other sister in the parking lot. It was my dad's uncle who passed away and he was 90 years old so there was a light mood and really we talked and laughed and caught up with family that we have not seen in years. There is a talk of getting all of us together for a family picnic and if it works out, that would be great. Well we got in our cars, it is now 4:30 and we start to drive home. I check on the girls on our way home. Miss Teen Sunshine has taken the bus to Little Miss Sunshine's school to pick her up. This was her first time on the transit and she did beautifully. They were going to take the bus together from the school to our house but Little Miss Sunshine is going through a scared faze since the death of our dog in April so she was very apprehensive. I was very lucky that my niece said that she would pick them up for me at school and take them home. When I called they were safe and sound at home. We got back to my work and I picked up my car and went straight home. The girls had made some pasta and were ready to go to the soccer field. I was changing and Little Miss Sunshine informed me that practice started 15 minutes ago. I forgot that we had to be there at 6:00 and not 6:30 and it doesn't help that one of the coaches is with me. We rush over to the soccer field, and they play in the cold and wind and it was a good game. We now head over to our car which is a mile away because we were so late and there were no parking spots close by. We finally get home and have a snack and then I am on the phone with both my sisters and my dad. I remember falling asleep at around 11:30 from shear exhaustion. Then I woke up this morning at about 4:15am and could not sleep so I decided to blog. I think that my internal clock is set at this time as Mr Sunshine's alarm clock usually goes off at this time. Oh well, it is my last day of work and I am looking forward to some quiet time off. I still have to go in a few times over the summer but that should be pretty easy. I hope that the weather warms up. How do you manage to do so much in a day? Just reading that is exhausting! Sounds like a busy time. Pass my condolences to your father. Thank-you. Sunshine keep in mind the teenager has my car while I am up north if you need her. Thanks again. Speaking of the teenager today is her last day of high school ever!!!!!!!!!! Wow!!! She has to go in on Monday for two exams and then done, done, done. Can you hear Alice Copper's, School out Forever. You will now be singing that all night. :) I love that song. Alice Cooper was on American Idol singing that song and all of the Idols' were dressed in Alice Cooper type of school uniforms, it was great!!! The boys play that song at the end of every school year!
Carolin, texted me a few time from the G8 yesterday and it sounds as though she is doing well, bored but well. She always makes me laugh with her take on things. She certainly is very original and she does not hold back. I had to text you cause Mr. Sunshine was killing me. I was sitting in my seat slinking down hoping know one ever finds out I know this guy. That's a very different attitude from a few weeks ago when you were hoping that Mr. Sunshine would drive you up there and everyone would see that you know the boss personally. Have a great time Carolin. I am looking forward to the stories I hope she will bring back with her. (Carolin)Not sure if you want me to add to this or do a new blog entry just on what is happening at the G8. What do you think boss Cathy? Is the G8 worthy of its own blog and label? I think it is worthy of it's own blog and label! Go for it! I will tell so far it is good. The Secretary from school drove myself and her sister to a mall that everyone was meeting at. The weather yesterday was nasty, cold and raining. They had three school, yes I said school bus's for us to ride in. Lets say by the time we got to the camp my butt was killing me. But all is good today the weather is amazing. Have a good Thursday all. I need to get some dinner now. I will try to blog after diner. Have a great day everyone.

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