Thursday, June 10, 2010

Thursdays on the Bench

(Sunshine) Good morning everyone. It's been another busy week. When will things actually slow down? Work is busy, the kids are both really busy, the house is always in need of cleaning and repair and Mr. Sunshine is gearing up for the G8 Summit amongst his other million responsibilities. I would love to disconnect all of our phones and really be on vacation at home together for one entire week. No interruptions, just us. Oh, to dream. I will soon be on the same page as you. I, too will be looking forward to the weekends when Hubby comes home. I have thought about the coming winter as well when he might not be able to make the drive because the roads are so bad. I know, looking too far ahead.... only one day at a time.
A week's vacation; I am hoping that's what it will be like at the G8. A vacation from family and household responsibilities anyway. I totally get the busyness of life. I finish work Friday morning and I am hoping this weekend, and the two days I am home before I leave for G8, to clean the house and cook a few meals for the family to have while I am gone. Will you be gone for one week or two? What do you think about the cell phone jamming? What if someone is on a 911 call, what about the possible negative consequences there???

The little one had her retainer out on Tuesday morning and her mouth is still a little sore. We go back to the orthodontist next Tuesday for a new retainer to go in. The new one is a removable one she only wears at night (as I understand). The younger one had his braces removed last week. Did I already tell you this? He now has a permanent wire glued to the inside of both the upper and lower set of teeth. It's supposed to be there for life. When the older one had the same permanent wires installed I was told to come in at any time if they come loose and they will fix it. With this child I was told they will only look after them for 3 years. I was to have our dentist check them and she could reglue them if necessary. What happened to lifetime????? I think they have too many flat screen t.v.'s in their office!!!
Last night the little one and I went to a 'bead for life' home party. Women in Uganda make these beads out of recycled paper and then they are brought to North America through a fair trade program and sold. As in most fair trade programs the women receive a major portion of the sale of the necklace and bracelets. I bought a few different ones (not that I am a big jewelery wearer), I am using one necklace as a Christmas gift. Always thinking ahead that's me. I hope my husband is home for Christmas, permanently! I know... one day at a time!

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