Friday, June 18, 2010

Catch Up Fridays

(Sunshine) Cathy, why is this a blank slate once again. I feel as though I am talking to myself. (Carolin)I will type nothing as well. Cathy I don't think I will have time to contribute so it is up to you honey.

(Cathy) Pressure, pressure. O.K. here goes. The week passed by faster than I expected. Hubby comes home today and I had planned to have the house all clean and tidy like a 60's housewife. I couldn't be bothered. Yeah for the 21 century housewife. Tell him if he wants it tidy to do it himself! The older teenager has two exams to write today and then school is done for him until the first Monday in July. He is taking a grade 11 math in advance in summer school. He wants to be an engineer and the course load is heavy with math and chemistry and physics so he is trying to lighten the load a bit with summer school. The younger one is heading up to Muskoka to do a portage, canoe trip through the islands by Parry Sound. He should have a great time. I know everyone he is going with and they are all experienced as he is. Being a mom, I will still worry until he is safely back at home. (Sunshine) Cathy you made it through the week, congratulations!!!!!!!

My garden is a jungle! It was all under control and then one day I looked out and everything has grown at least a foot. All I do now is prune and compost. I have no more room in my compost bins. I am glad for the city yard waste collection program. The teenager planted a vegetable garden after I said I wasn't going to have one this summer. With the rain we have had everything was doing well, sprouting and growing then this nasty rabbit decided to make its home in our yard. And everytime we turn around more of the garden has been eaten. So far it looks like she might only get a some tomatoes. They love the radishes, sunflowers, beans, lettuce. I love looking at rabbits in the garden, send them over to my house. I don't have any vegetable garden to speak of so then can munch away on the grass. We do have two rabbits who visit regularly and usually I see them in the front garden munching on grass, they are so cute.

I am looking forward to hearing Carolin's stories from the Summit. I think they would make a good separate post. I think the security thing is getting out of hand. Now they are removing trees from around the Metro Convention Centre because the branches could be used as weapons. Why are we hosting this again? Does anyone know? Please tell me! I am so out of the loop with the G20 I don't know what is going on down there. We have know TV and only internet if you brouht your laptop. We have been so busy with training for the past two days and our shifts all start today that I don't think anyone will have time for anything but work and sleep. My shift starts today at 1:00 pm and I am supposed to finish at 1:30 am. You are going to be pretty tired. Whenever you get a chance remember to tell Mr Sunshine that we love him and we miss him (I know how much that will kill you but I would appreciate it).

Well yesterday was my last day of work until September (well I have one other day that I need to help out with next week, and then I hope that it). I was a fun day. The Principal and about 15 students came into the cafeteria before lunch and they gave us a beautiful thank you speech and then they gave us a card each and a school t-shirt. Then we all hugged each other and said good bye. It was really sweet. During the day some of the kids came in with their year books and asked me to sign them. It was really nice of them and it made me a little bit emotional. What we do as women and as mothers is not always outwardly spoken in an appreciative manner so it was nice to feel appreciated in that way. The janitorial day shift that we have become very close with bought us some delicious pastries that I had never tried before and surprised us with them in one of the offices. That was really nice. I am thinking of ordering some for Fathers day as I think that my dad would really like them.

Well I have completed a year of work after being out of the work force for about ten years now. The beginning was difficult both physically and emotionally. Physically, your body adjusts very quickly and within a week or so, I was not soar anymore and could easily do the job. Emotionally, it took a little longer. There were a plethora of reasons for my emotions. The location of the school, leaving the kids and not being available to them if they needed something, the fear of actually being able to do the job and more then anything, my own nerves. But, I must say that the entire experience has been very positive. Somedays I would get into the car after my shift and start thinking about the kids and what I had to do that evening and I would realize that I hardly thought about the house and the kids and my husband for the entire shift because I was too busy. Don't get me wrong, they are always in my thoughts but being home for so long and experiencing some dramatic events that changed me forever have change me as a person. It turned me into a person who worries and worries and worries. Sometimes these feelings made me feel very sad and probably a lit bit depressed. I found that I could not sit still if I had to for a long period of time. I would feel as though I was going to faint and I spent a lot of time convincing myself that something was physically wrong with me. Well guess what, I worked every week day since October. The kids are doing well and the house never fell apart and Mr Sunshine has been as busy as always and our relationship is as strong as its ever been. So in the end it ended up being something that I did just for me. I know now that I am strongerr then I think and I can do so much. There is no fear when I travel down the street where my mom had her fatal car accident and life continues whether we are sad and worried or not.

I would like more out of work eventually, so I will come up with a four year plan of where I would like to be when Little Miss Sunshine goes to high school and can get herself there and back. I have also discovered that there are two other things that I really need to work on, my health ( I need to get my weight under control and exercise) and we need to go to church on more of a regular basis.

This year had been a big step forward in my person journey as a woman and mother. It has been a journey in finding myself again as a person and not only as someones mom (I love being their mom but I love being me too). I am thankful for having had such a positive experience

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