Friday, June 4, 2010

Catch Up Fridays

(Carolin) Been a long grumpy day. Remember a few weeks ago when I talked about the teenager needing a filling for a cavity but she was afraid of the needle so the dentist wouldn't do it and has sent her to a specialist. So today the husband takes her for the meet and great. An appointment has been made a few weeks from now for the filling of the cavity. Which the dentist said was very tiny and could be filled without any freezing at all. But because she won't go for the freezing the gas is going to cost $118.00. The husband asked about just prescribing a muscle relaxant to calm her down. One simple little pill to take the edge off. Guess how much, come on guess? $160.00!!!!!!!!!
So my idea a few weeks ago of just smoking a joint beforehand doesn't sound so bad now does it. But noooo, everyone has all gotten moral. I am willing to cough up the money for the illegal substance (don't know where to buy it but I am sure we can figure that out) but no way am I paying $160.00 for a stupid pill or even the $118.00 for the gas.

My take on this whole thing is SUCK IT UP PRINCESS! It is only a small little cavity wait till she has to get a pap test. You will be wishing you had freezing then.

(Cathy) This reminds me of the short time I had her in the mornings when you went back to work the first time. You gave me vitamin pills to give her with breakfast. What an episode that was! My older one used to cheer her on saying, "you can do it, just swallow it, it's ok!" I can appreciate the gag reflex as I have it too. It's a hard thing to try to wrap your mind around because I do believe it's mind over matter. At least that's what I keep telling myself.

So, what's new to catch up on with me. Well, four months ago Hubby and his co-workers in his office were laid off due to lack of work. It was a temporary lay off for 12 weeks. Supposedly, work would have been found and employees brought back to work. We knew chances of this were slim so Hubby started looking for work. The ecomomy is not helping as corporations are leery of signing the bottom line to kick start projects. Thankfully, he was just hired to work in Sarnia. Sarnia is about a 2 1/2 hour drive from where we live. Hubby grew up near there in Petrolia and I actually lived there for about a year and a half when my father was working there. Funny how life circles around. Hubby will commute back and forth every weekend. I now join Sunshine with her life as a semi-single parent. It will be different. Have a good weekend everyone!

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