Sunday, April 4, 2010

Bench Talk: Book Club Talk

We ladies are in the beginning of our book club book. We will post our, "Book Club Talk" every Wednesday. Each of us will give our opinions, likes and dislikes of the pages read to date. The library has a list of online sites with discussion questions.

(Cathy) I just hope that I can stop reading at the appointed page. I was never good at following orders when it comes to books. I remember when I was in high school I would always read the entire story or book. I just did not see the value in stopping and reading bits at a time. I have, however, given the ladies my word that I will be good and only read per the schedule!

(Louise) I'm interested to read this one.....Let's see how close to truth it will be, well I guess truth is relevant to what's happening in everyones lives. I wonder if the author is part of a friendship like the one she will be writing about??. I think this "book club talk" will be very interesting because I think in life sometimes things look and seem one way but they are totally different than what they seem. When you actually get to hear or take the time to listen to someones point of view. Honest point of view that is........ It really gives you another way of looking or feeling a certain way about some things.

I guess it's very similar to......never judging someone until you walk in their shoes....but on that same note I guess everyone is entitled to their own opinion as well.

(Carolin)I was a little apprehensive with the title of the book "Dirty Girls Social Club" . Trashy novels are just not my thing but I to promised to keep an open mind and give the book a chance. Happy reading all.

(Sunshine) I am going to sit down and read the book right now. I don't really know what to expect but I hope that I enjoy it.

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