Monday, April 26, 2010

Book Club - Week Four

Well shock of shocks. Sara's no good rotten husband once again beat her. But this time he went too far and she now is in a coma and may never come out of it. And yes it appears she also has lost the baby she was carrying.

Now that Sara's not so secret secret is out in the open what do you think she will do (assuming she comes out of her coma)?

(Sunshine) I feel so sorry for Sara. It is so difficult to understand how the rest of the world can see that her husband would one day try and kill her, but she is shocked and surprised. She talked about the softness in his eyes when she told him about being pregnant with their daughter and how his eyes make her melt and then seconds later he brutally attracted her. I think that Sara was genuinely shocked that her husband was capable of such violence towards her and her children and the baby sitter. She would talk about how if he found out about certain things then he would kill her but that word kill had a different meaning for Sara. I think that for Sara it meant a fight in which she would probably get injured, which she felt was deserved and then some make up sex which somehow made her feel loved and special for a brief period of time. (Carolin) I am sad that Sara was abused by the JERK. But not surprised, I have a hard time understanding her and why she would stay with a man who wants to hurt her.I believe that Roberto attacked Sara for many different reasons that evening and one of them in my opinion was because she was carrying a daughter and not a son. I have always been afraid of what he would do if they actually had a daughter. I don't know that Sara really understood the magnitude of Roberto's anger and hatred towards women. If Sara makes it, and I hope that she does for herself and for her children then I hope that she finally sees Roberto for the monster that he really is. I hope that she is ready to testify against him and I hope that he spends the rest of his life in jail. I do believe that it is easier said than done. These men have a very strong hold on the women that they are with. Sara's only chance may be if he is in jail and not allowed to come near her or the children ever again. Then she could rebuild her spirit and with much help she could learn to love and respect herself once again. Her children have seen so much ugliness and they too will need a lot of help and a stable home filled with love and security.Sara needs time to heal both physically and Emotionally and she should make sure that Roberto does not have the opportunity to come any where near her and her children. She needs to be strong and feel loved and secure once again. The sucia's can help her with this. If Sara is ok, then the boys will also be ok. Sunshine you have way more sympathy then I could ever muster. Sunshine, I am continually humbled by how well you are able to put into words your feelings and thoughts on this book. I tend to be like Carolin, short answers. However, after this past reading, I was angry at Sara for knowingly putting herself into this situation. I know, I know, it's easy to judge! I do hope that this will bring all the 'Sucias' together to help her.

We have learned a little more about Usnavy. Has your original opinion of her changed at all?
Usnavy is an interesting character. Searching for love and acceptance in all the wrong places.
I know that she is a pain in the but and that she values everything that is materialistic but at least she is honest about it. She has problems like everyone else in the world. The bright star in Usnavy's corner is Juan and his unconditional love for her. If she could just find a way to trust him and let him into her heart then she would be giving herself many gifts. I believe that Juan is one of those souls who have been sent on earth to help to soften Usnavy's heart. He probably doesn't even know why he keeps chasing her but he just can't stop. If he succeeds he will also receive many gifts in return. I think that Usnavy has the ability to be a very loving, caring and loyal partner to the right man. I hope that Juan keeps trying and that Usnavy finally lets go long enough to feel life both past and present. I think that she needs to feel the past in order to release the strong hold that it has on her present. Her past will always be a part of her but it does not have to define her. I have always liked Usnavy and I hope that she can find a way out of the darkness and go toward Juan who I believe is holding her light.
I find Usnavy a little more interesting now that we have more of a glimpse of how and why she is the way she is. I don't know if she will ever find someone to truly love because she has so much 'stuff'' to get through. She's just selfish.

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