Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Thursdays on the Bench

(Cathy)Here we are again, another Thursday. Time flies by. So, what's new. Well, the older one came home from his high school senior band trip to Washington, DC. He had a great time! He could not get over how he could feed himself a complete meal (??) for $3.00US! He has not stopped talking about soft drink sizes. He claims that a U.S. size small drink is equivalent to a Canadian large! We sent him with enough money to eat well with and also to buy whatever he could afford. It was about $150.00US for 4 days. Only breakfast was included and the tours and admissions to the museums were included. He came home with $100.00US!! He is too funny! We are just glad that his first out of country trip without us was a success. (Sunshine) I am so happy that things went well. Did he have a good time? Was he home sick? By the way he has his parents frugal nature and I think that's a really good thing. I am learning to be more like that every day.
Not much new around here. Mr Sunshine is in New York. I know that we should be use to him travelling by now but I have to say that the house is just not the same when he is gone and I think that all of our moods are a little bit brighter when he is home.
Miss Teen Sunshine is participating in a 30 hour famine fund raiser for world vision over the next two days. There was a big waver that I had to sign absolving the school and the government of any responsibility if something negative were to result because of the famine. The recommendation is that they drink a minimum of 180ml of water every hour and they can have a small bowl of white rice a day ( the rice is optional). So far she says that she would like to do this famine without the rice. I wish that they would have chosen to schedule this famine on the weekend, when they could relax and expend little energy. It's going to be really hard to complete their fitness blasts on Friday as I am sure that they will be week and starving by then. However, I am proud of her for participating. (Carolin) My school did the 30 hour famine last Friday and Saturday. The kids love it they have so much fun. A Christian rock band came and preformed, the teachers and World Issues class had different games planned for the whole night. I stayed for a little of it mostly to listen to KD's speech on world poverty. I am sure Teen Sunshine will have a great time.
Little Miss Sunshine has been really stuffed up so we are trying some children's allergy medicine to determine if it is allergies. Also, Little Miss Sunshine has been surprising us with her athletic abilities lately. She was on the soft ball team this year and now she is on the school basket ball team. They did really well this week and are going onto the next level next week. Its funny, she has me sign these permission forms so that she can try out and I always tell her that she may not make it but we are proud of her for trying out anyways. She told me last time that I sometimes I am not that encouraging. Oops!! I will have to be more careful. I just didn't want her to be too upset if she didn't make the team. This is the first year that the grade fours are permitted on any team and grades 4, 5 and 6 make up the junior teams. She was actually really good when she didn't make it for the volleyball team. I guess my little 10 year old is growing up fast. Yeah for LM Sunshine!
I had a crummy few days at work this week so that has me a little bit down but my mood is improving as every day goes by. I need to grow a tougher skin (is that the right saying?). How do you do that? Oh well only 7 weeks and two days to go until summer break. Sorry to hear you had a rough week, hopefully it will get better.
Things are trucking along at my end. I have my first in school catering job planned for next Thursday. :) I had a chat with the principal last Friday and he assures me I will have an answer and agreement about providing food services for next year by June 11! I have been busy in my spare time working on summer camp menus, I would say I am about 80 % done.

I think we are schedule to get together this Friday at Louise's. Hope all of us can make it.
Have a great weekend everyone!!!!!!

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