Monday, April 5, 2010

Book Club Talk

Discussion Questions:

1. Lauren spends much of her time feeling inadequate and like an impostor. Where do you think these feelings stem from?

(carolin)I found while I was reading the 1st chapter (Lauren) I was having a hard time sticking to the book. I kept putting it down and finding something else to do. I think it was that I didn't seem to like this girl too much. Perhaps her feelings about herself were hitting too close to home for me. I did find her just too superficial.
(Cathy)I don't know if I would call her superficial, I think she has no self-esteem at all. It's funny because as I was reading about her, I too could relate. I keep forgetting that I am part Cuban. I just always think of myself as Jamaican. It was interesting to me to read all the Cuban/Spanish references and to be able to relate to them. Lots of them. I never realized just how much Cuban influence I had been exposed too. I felt like Lauren, in describing all the 'susias' opened up a part of me. The first chapter is always the 'set-up' chapter. As we read it we make assumptions and those assumptions are either going to be reinforced or destroyed as we read the rest. I think Lauren is still trying to find out just who she is and where she fits in.
(Sunshin)It was an interesting read. I got a good sense of who all of the girls are from Lauren's perspective. I found it hard to follow sometimes because of all of the Cuban/Spanish references that I know nothing about but as I read on I began to understand a little bit more. Lauren is an interesting girl who is so confused and although she lacks confidence in some ways, she has so much confidence in other ways. I could probably sit at a table with Lauren and chat for hours. I feel as though I know her because of her raw honesty and openness. I wonder if drinking so much actually brings out our true emotions or does it change a person into something that they are really not? Lauren talks so much about wishing that she had a different family. I feel that she is so searching to be what she is not and that is why she feels inadequate. I wonder if she will ever accept who she is and demand only the best for herself because she deserves it. In the end it is all about feeling loved. That is what every human being on this planet is searching for. The only thing is that we have to love our selves and be proud of who we are in order to attract the same kind of love from others.

2. How do you think Rebeca's husband was raised to view Latinos? How does this impact their marriage? Is his disappointment in her fair?

Brad (Rebeca's husband) is a loser! Though I find Rebeca a little odd in her way of thinking. Brad is a self absorbed spoiled rich boy (kinda stereotyping the rich boy) His family is very prejudiced of Latinos but I didn't get the feeling he was. But he is yukky!!!
I think Brad is a big fake! He is a big wuss! He is a baby who has never had to be responsible for anything, ever. His parents seem also to be the same. Makes sense, I guess. I would like to get to know his (Brad's) sister and see if she is nice. I hope she is the 'black' sheep of her family. As for Brad's disappointment in Rebecca not being 'earthy'. Was she ever 'earthy'? Not the way Lauren has described her. As I don't care for Brad, I could care less if he is disappointed in Rebecca. I do feel a bit sorry for Rebecca, however, if she has realized she only married Brad for his money..... I wonder at the time of their marriage if she understood what to love, really love someone really means.

What does "earthy" really mean anyways. Rebecca herself admits that she only married Brad for his money. Does that mean that she did not show her true self to Brad until much later. It seems to me that Brad knew Rebecca's back ground from the start and he still chose to be with her despite his parents strong views. I feel like I really need to know more about what is really going on with them. Rebecca admits that she cannot talk about certain things with Brad, important things. They have not slept in the same room now for five months. Is Brad wondering what took her so long to notice that he has checked out? What is Brad depressed about anyway. I do however feel that if you have strong friendships that those friends will have a good insight as to whether or not the guy that you are interested in is right for you. What did they see that Rebecca is only seeing now? In life your parents can have certain views of other cultures and you may or may not end up with the same views. It sounds to me like Brad's views were different from those of his parents from the start. What happened to drive such a wedge between the two of them. Was it his families refusal to even meet Rebecca? I really don't think that that is the case. Brad's family has made things more difficult for sure but it sounds as though he has already found his own way.

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