Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Book Club: Week Three

We have now met all of the sucia's. Is there anyone of them you would want to be friends with and in the same sense one who you just know you would avoid at all costs?
(Sunshine) I like most of the sucia's. I think that they are real women with real problems but it's weird because although they are good friends, many of them keep deep secrets from each other for this reason I really like Lauren best. She is real and honest with all of her friends and although that makes her vulnerable to others, I don't think that she really cares and it leaves her free to be herself. My least favourite is Amber because in my view she is the most inflexible of all of the girls. Amber has very strong convictions and you are either with her or against her. There is no middle ground with Amber so it would be difficult for me to interact with her and to understand her. (Carolin) I have been thinking of this question since I first wrote it yesterday morning. I think I am most intrigued with Rebecca and Elizabeth. Rebecca because I want to know why she feels this need to have everything in order and very particular. She has built great big walls around herself for protection and I am interested to see if they will or ever can be torn down. Elizabeth I feel sorry for; she lives this double life and lives in fear of being found out all the time (exhausting). The rest of the sucias are just exasperating, Usnavy (ugh) she is just too selfish. Amber is too brick wall in her beliefs. I see her giving them up if the boyfriend should leave her (and I think that will happen because of professional jealousy) Lauren and Sara I have very little time for them. (Cathy) I think Elizabeth is the most interesting for me so far. She just seems more real to me. Amber is the free spirit, free to be and do what she wants. I think I envy that. I agree with Carolin that Usnavys is too selfish. She will never find a love because her list is too specific. I don't think that anyone exists who will fit her ideals. Maybe that is the point.

Lauren appears to be our main sucia. What do you think will develop between Amaury and Lauren?
(Carolin) Amaury intrigues me and I am looking forward to see if he is just playing Lauren or if he might be someone who can help her get herself together. I think Amaury is going to be one of those surprise people in stories. They set him up as one type of personality and he turns out to be something totally different. We'll see. (Sunshine) I like Amaury. I think that he may be just what Lauren needs and Lauren may be just what Amaury needs. If he can change his occupation and become all that he can be then together they may be the real deal.

So, ladies, how are you enjoying this book club? I think it would be interesting to get together and see how much more we can discuss the book? Let's continue our thoughts on the book in this weeks, "Thursdays on the Bench."

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